Easy One-Pot Chicken and Ham Pie

This is my standard meal when we have visitors, One-Pot Chicken and Ham Pie. It looks impressive but is actually very easy. 15 mins prep, which you can do in the afternoon. When your visitors arrive, put the pastry on top and pop it into the oven. Do remember though that if you prepare earlier that you will not be able to reheat leftovers (if you ever have leftovers, we rarely even a teaspoonful left for the dog).

Serve with roast or boiled potatoes, and veg. Sometimes I put peas or mushrooms into the pie too.

If you have a pot that you can use on the stove then put into the oven, you can make this in one pot. Otherwise make the chicken in a pot and transfer to casserole dish.

(Sorry about the lack of pics – they seem to have been deleted at some point since writing this. I will take more pics next time I make pie!)



3 or 4 chicken breasts (also works well with fish – I use one smoked haddock filet, and one non-smoked haddock filet)

Tbsp butter

Tbsp flour


Herbs – I use thyme, and in winter a herb mix from Olivier &Co

Frozen peas (optional) or mushrooms (optional)

Packet of puff pastry (or mashed potato for fish pie)


Chop chicken into cubes. Melt butter over gentle heat and brown chicken. If you want to add mushrooms, add them now.

When chicken is cooked, add flour and stir at low heat for 2 minutes before gradually adding milk. You will need about 300ml – keep adding till it is quite a runny sauce.  Don’t stop stirring! Cook for about 10 mins until the sauce reaches desired consistency.

You can add veg to this – frozen peas work well.

Sprinkle herbs into mixture.

Put the pastry on top, and transfer to the oven. If using potatoes, cook and then mash (or slice thinly) then layer and cover with sprinkling of cheese.

Cook for about 30 minutes until the pastry has browned.






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