Four Finds – A Blog Flog

The New Bloggers Blog Flog was a great success last week, with over 40 entries. A few bloggers asked if I would do another one for established bloggers to join in, and this is what I have come up with.




Four Finds.

Simply post four new or established blogs that you have found, that you enjoy reading and would like to share with others. These blogs can from any genre – the more varied the better. Crafts, Parenting, Politics, Social Media, Gadgets, Food, Entertainment…

Grab my Four Finds badge and put it in your side bar with a link back to this post. Let me know if you need help doing that.

Then link your blog below.


Here are my Four Finds.

Wag Doll – a craft blog with a difference. Modern, fresh and vibrant.

From Fun To Mum – good writing, interesting topics, insightful posts about not just surviving motherhood, but also having fun

Life As An Expat Parent – an American mom in UK – witty and interesting on the differences between our two countries

Mommy Said A Swearword – funny, great writing and a slightly different view of motherhood from the other side of the pond


You may have noticed a theme running through these blogs. It was when I was writing this post that I realised what I look for when reading a blog. Humour, good writing, not too many reviews or posts about toilet training. My children are no longer toddlers, and I have grown out of the typical Mummyblogger blogs.  I wrote a post recently about What Happens To Mummybloggers when their children grow up; these bloggers could have children of any age, and they would still write insightfully and well about their lives, share their thoughts and their rants.

What are your Four Finds? What is it about these blogs that you enjoy?




** Instructions for Badge Grabbing **

Ok, bear with me cause I have only just learned to do this myself. When you post your blog with links to your Four Finds, add the badge above to your blog by doing this:

1. Right click on the badge and save it

2. Upload that photo into your media as a thumbnail. Right click on the URL of the photo and copy it.

3. Add this code into a text widget (on WordPress) by going into Appearance – Widget and then dragging the box that says “text  – arbitary text or HTML” over to your sidebar (or wherever you want to put it)

4. Now paste the URL of the photo from step 2 into that box.

5. Next copy and paste this code into the box, replacing the XXXXXXXXXXXX with your photo URL


<a href="
/2011/11/04/four-finds-a-blog-flog/" target="_blank">
<img src="XXXXXXXXXX"> <a/>


6. Save and close the widget box. Last time I did this, it did not show up immediately for some reason so wait for a bit.

7. Pray and get the Gin out in case this doesn’t work




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