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Join in the Blog Hop on TUES 19th June 2012

Help raise awareness of the  120 million+ women in developing countries who wish to use modern family planning methods, but cannot access them.

The effects of this are far reaching and devastating, not only for the women and their families, but also for the countries in which they live.


Unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, still births – and over 250,000 maternal deaths yearly


“Every two minutes, a woman dies of pregnancy-related complications, the four most common causes being: severe bleeding after childbirth, infections, high blood pressure during pregnancy, and unsafe abortion. Ninety-nine per cent of maternal deaths occur in developing countries; most could have been prevented with proven interventions”


The consequences for the families are huge – with only one wage earner, there is little chance of raising the family out of poverty. When women are able to control when and how many children they wish to have, they and their families live better lives.




Melinda French Gates, co-chair and trustee of the Gates Foundation recently gave a fantastic speech, in which she called for a global initiative that

“[gives] women the power to save their lives, to save their children’s lives and to give their families the best possible future”




Together with the Department for International Development, the Gates Foundation is working towards an ambitious goal. By 2020, they aim to provide voluntary family planning services to 120 million women around the globe. A plan has been put into place to achieve this –


London Summit on Family Planning


On 11 July the UK Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will host a groundbreaking summit to provide an additional 120 million women in the world’s poorest countries with lifesaving contraceptives, information, and services by 2020

The London Summit on Family Planning calls for unprecedented international political commitment and resources – from developing countries, donors, the private sector and civil society – to make this a reality.

Family planning transforms lives and will help lift families, communities and nations out of poverty.



To raise awareness of this issue, I will join 11 other bloggers from around the world in Kenya to write about the life of women without contraception. We are asking you to join us in blogging about this topic.

From Tuesday 19th June, you can add your blog post to a blog hop. I will write of my first impressions of Kenya on Monday and ask you to link up.


The Gates Foundation asked women around the world to share their story of what contraception means to them. The website NoControversy hosts these stories, and I am asking bloggers to answer the same question.

How Have Contraceptives Changed Your Life?



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Entering is very easy. You simply click on a link, then add the url of your blog post. You are welcome to post the blog hop onto your blog. Detailed instructions on the day.

This is a blog hop only for posts about these issues. If you link to a random post on your blog, I will remove the link from the blog hop.


2 Comments on “Kenya Blog Hop – Kick Off

  1. It’s shocking that in this day in age where technological advances are what they are that Women are still experiencing this.
    I truly believe that if we examine how Women are treated in a society only than can we see how advanced that society is.

    I feel extremely lucky to be born and raised in the UK where I can freely access contraception and excellent child birthing facilities compared to developing countries.

    There was a doumentry on the BBC last year where professioanls from the UK traveled to other parts of the World to carry out their profession, and a UK midwife traveled to a country in Africa and goodness the lack of care and provisions from emotional support to medical care was shocking for not only the midwife but also myself.

    I would like to ask after awareness has been raised what else will be done?

    • You are absolutely right – it is shocking.

      I have added some information on the Family Plannning Summit to the blog post. It is just over a month away, which is why awareness raising is so vital right now.

      This topic is under-reported. So many are completely unaware of the issue, and how vital it is to improve the life of millions of people.

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