Man cleared of rape, because of “mistake identity”

The only newspaper currently reporting this story is the The Daily Mail. I sincerely hope that other newspapers pick up on this story in the coming days. It is almost impossible to believe. Haydor Khan was

Nigel Farage’s speedy exit from Mumsnet

Nigel Farage’s much anticipated webchat on Mumsnet has just ended. It is fair to say that the UKIP leader has managed what no other politician has achieved – to completely alienate the posters of Mumsnet. I

UKIP – are they BNP lite?

Tomorrow the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage will face questions from members of the Mumsnet parenting website. Already the debate is hotting up as recently joined Mumsnetters, who may or may not be UKIP members face tough

Do you have a Lego-Whoosher?

Ok. It is half-term. He is bored as his sister has been ill this week so we have been stuck at home. My son is a Lego-Whoosher. First, he builds a lego airplane, that I

Technology – Help or Hindrance?

Our dishwasher is broken. It finally gave up this weekend, which was most inconvenient as we had guests. For some months now I have seen that the end was near – the wheels kept falling

National Enquirer and The Steve Jobs Photos

I know I shouldn’t read it, but someone on Twitter linked to the Daily Mail and my eye was caught by the story reporting that Steve Jobs had only “six weeks to live”. The DM

Are Mums Better Parents Than Dads?

Or is it a myth? Do we women have “mother’s instinct” that makes us better parents, are we more able to anticipate the wishes and problems that our children may have?  Are men just as

Healthy Banana Muffins – No Eggs

I did not intend to make “healthy” cakes today but I had run out of eggs and fancied making banana muffins. When I looked for a recipe, I came across this one on Mumsnet. The

How to Buy a Diamond Ring Online

how to buy a diamond

  Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend! Well, no they are not. A girl’s best friend – or friends – are her real friends, her family and those who stick by her and support her

Lindt Chocolate Cake

Here is one I prepared earlier. This was baked to take to friends’ going away party. When we arrived at the friends’s house we were surprised to see that there were no cars outside. We