Seeking Contributors For Pre-Teen Blog for Girls – No Fluffy Kittens or Pink Glitter

In a supermarket recently, my kids asked if they could have a comic. We headed for the newspaper stands and they browsed for a while but my daughter found it really difficult to choose one. She remarked that she was sometimes a girly girl but sometimes a tomboy too and the girl comics were all about make up and boys, horses and cats. Nothing against cute pictures of cats, but after 5 minutes of looking at them, what was she supposed to do? The articles are generally boring and not terribly well written.

Who decided that all pre-teen girls are only interested in fluff like that?

I think that they might be persuaded to read a bi-weekly online magazine with other topics.

My daughter loves art, for example and would enjoy a magazine which featured stories of artists, or history of art. Maybe your daughter likes to read about astronomy, science, geography, or maybe you work in that field and would like to write an article explaining what you do.

We could have articles about technology, about politics (in a general way, explaining about the upcoming US election, and how they vote), about countries, people and how they live. Perhaps your daughter (or son) would like to write an article for the blog.

I would set up the blog and anyone could submit articles for publication. I would be looking to have several articles a week.

Anyone interested? It would be non-profit, ie I cannot pay you for this as I won’t be making any money from it. If it is successful and we can find a way of making it pay, then this might change.

If you would like to contribute, please use the contact form on the blog and let me know what you would like to write about.

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