Would You Rather Read a Blog Than a Women’s Mag?

Do you shun women’s magazines, preferring to read a blog? If you do, you are not the only one. Many are finding less and less to read in women’s mags and turning to the humble blog instead.


Eva Weisman wrote in the Guardian today:


Flicking through one of June’s glossy women’s mags is like entering a time machine. You look down at a page and lose a decade. The brief for a women’s magazine’s celebrity interview requires that the writer include information about her diet, what she’s wearing and who she’s going out with. Sometimes this is relevant; often it is not. But it suggests that their ideas about what a woman should be today appear more limited than ever. As if we’re looking at women from a long, long way away.


This interested me, because I had a similar discussion with friends recently. It has been many years since I bought a women’s magazine. I used to read Marie Claire but drifted away from it. The articles had little enough to do with my life when I was in my twenties, once I entered my thirties it was like reading a magazine about life on Mars.

As a young mum,  I was no longer interested in the coolest restaurants and the best destinations for a romantic weekend away. Make up and clothes were chosen with an eye on the budget and the practicalities – no point in buying expensive designer jeans because within a couple of months they sported white knees from crawling around on the floor after a toddler.

You would then think that after I exited what I call the Mummy Cocoon, that the magazines would again become relevant and interesting. They haven’t. I always thought that it was due to me growing out of their target audience, and being interested in other issues.

My friends reported similar feelings. One woman said that she objected to paying money for a magazine that was full of ads, fed up of flicking past pages of glossy ads featuring bored models to find the actual content. And when she did locate the articles, they were vacuous fluff with no relevance to her own life. I do recall Marie Claire used to have one serious article, where they discussed women’s rights or something terrible that was happening somewhere in the world – do they still do that?

Then I discovered blogs and blogging, and began reading online content. There are so many great blogs and online magazines online that print magazines seem plodding and boring in comparison. A print magazine is a written monologue but an online blog or magazine opens a dialogue. I can comment on the article, share it with others, discuss on Facebook or Twitter, find like-minded people.




I was looking for an image to go with this post and found the above mock up, which originates from this very amusing blog.

It illustrate the reasons I no longer read women’s magazines. How to lose weight, gain a boyfriend, keep a boyfriend happy in bed, lose weight, here is why you are not happy, look at how much weight <insert sleb> has put on/taken off, get bikini fit, lose weight by eating nothing but cabbage/beans/red food/greens..

There seem to be a LOT of articles about what I am doing wrong, or could be doing better.

Whereas when I read blogs, I can find out about feminism, be inspired, find fabulous exotic recipes,  be inspired again, read great social commentary, find how others live in my own country, and far away.

Great writing  which I can read in the comfort of my home, without being bothered by adverts. Bloggers often recommend other blogs, so there is a constant stream of new blogs to discover. I can chat with the writers on Twitter, exchange tips and ask follow up questions.

Women’s magazines seem so stuffy and old fashioned in comparison.

What do you think? Is there a magazine that you enjoy and would recommend, or do you do your reading online?