12 Awesome Women Explorers

It is done! Months of research, and hours of agonising which of the many wonderful women to include – today 12 Awesome Women Explorers was published. Initially only on Kindle, but soon to be available in print, and on iBooks.

One of the challenges of writing this book, was finding women who were explorers in a positive sense. Not rich, entitled white women who ‘explored’ countries where people had been living quite happily for many years, but those who actually brought a deeper understanding between peoples, or who made exciting scientific discoveries.

I’ve tried to include a few lesser known women, alongside some more familiar stories. Women like Victoria Drummond, the first British woman Marine Engineer, and Barbara Hillary, the first African American woman to ski to the North Pole, when she was just 75 years young!


Quote from Getrude Bell, Awesome Woman Explorer

Gertrude Bell, archaeologist, diplomat, and spy, who helped shape the Iraq nation, and left behind a museum that would become the Iraqi National Museum. Ella Maillart, Swiss athlete and adventurer – these stories and more were a joy to research.


Quote from Mae Jemison, Awesome Woman Explorer


I tried not to make just a list of ‘First Women To’, because as you can see from the biography of Mae Jemison, first African American woman in space, it reduces these women to a single factoid. Ms Jemison went on to do many wonderful and inspiring things.

These ‘first woman’ facts are handy hooks, but don’t tell the whole story!


Quote from Louise Boyd, Awesome Woman Explorer



I hope you (and your children) enjoy them. The book is aimed at children from around 8 years.



Carnival In Germany

IMG_0055Don’t miss my friend Millie Slavidou’s book – out today. Millie has a wonderful talent for illuminating everyday situations and events. In this book, she has sent her heroine Lucy Evans to visit a friend in Germany, and the reader follows the two girls adventures during Carnival.


Having lived in Würzburg for almost 10 years, I was happy to supply the detail and inside knowledge of the city, and the celebrations. Millie’s research turned up some wonderful information that I didn’t know about, and the book is just fabulous!

We’ve illustrated the book with stunning photos, most by a family friend, Ged Ryan. These are shared in the style of Instagram updates.

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