“Are Those Men Married To Each Other, Mum?”

It is something that we have never talked about with the children. Not because we were avoiding it, but because it has never come up and it would have felt forced and strange to have brought it up.

Tonight, watching the fabulous Sugar Dandies on Britains Got Talent, my daughter looked intrigued when Bradley talked about his love for his partner Soran.


“Awww, sweet”, she said. Then, “Are they married to each other?”.

“Yes, they are. Men can be married to men, just as they can be married to women. Some men love men, some love women”, I replied.

“And do some women love women?”

“Yes. Sometimes.”

“Cool”, was the reply, “they are really cute together”.

Later my son (who was watching the same programme downstairs with his Granny) came upstairs.

“Mum, did you see the men who danced together. He said that he couldn’t imagine life without the other man. They were sweet, weren’t they? And they were good dancers. I gave them a YES”.


So that was that. I will in the coming days have another chat with them both, but I loved how completely accepting they were.


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