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If you want to order flowers online for Mother’s Day on March 30th, then I have a great tip for you.

I discovered Bloom and Wild Online flower service just before Christmas and have been using them since. With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good time to review the company. 


I love having flowers in the house, and regularly pick up a bunch of blooms at the supermarket. When I lived in Germany, I would shop at the little flower shop on the corner of our road but here in UK, I find the shops expensive and the flowers never seem to last as long. Supermarket flowers are slightly better, but often our local Tesco has really garish colours – who on earth wants bright blue flowers? And why dye flowers, when they are beautiful as nature created them? 

When we lived abroad, I would sometimes send my mum flowers for Mothers’ Day. This got easier after the internet started giving Interflora competition – I remember my first year in Germany, I was quoted a huge sum of money to send just a single rose!

This year, I will be ordering a Gift Subscription from Bloom and Wild


What is Different about Bloom and Wild? 



bloom and wild discount

bloom and wild

‘What? Flowers through the letter box?’ I hear you cry. My first reaction was the same. How is that possible? In my case, it is a bit tricky as I don’t have a letter box – when we had the door replaced last year we chose an Austrian company. Brilliant quality, but no letterbox!

We have a gorgeous steel letter box on the wall, but the box won’t fit in it. Luckily I work from home, and so it hasn’t been an issue so far.  Bloom and Wild suggest having them delivered to your workplace if you don’t have a letterbox, or paying a small surcharge to use Royal Mail Tracked Option.

bloom and wild discount



Why A Subscription Service?


bloom and wild discount




What I really like is that Bloom and Wild offer a subscription service. You can order a one off gift, starting at £16.95, or a subscription bundle gift, starting at £40 for three boxes. I find this great value for money – instead of spending £40 on a bunch of flowers for your mum, she receives three bunches of flowers! Or you can choose a different time frame, depending on how much you have to spend and how often you want her to receive the flowers.

I treated myself to a fortnightly subscription – if you’d like flowers in more than one room of the house, then a weekly subscription might suit you better. I’ve found that the flowers last around 14 days – sometimes they’ve still been ok when the next flowers arrives, or I could salvage a few of the blooms for a small vase elsewhere in the house. 




Why Do Bloom and Wild’s Flowers Last Longer? 


How do Bloom   Wild flowers last longer



bloom and wild discount

It is pretty simple – instead of going through the hands of warehouse, delivery and depot workers until they reach a shelf and the customers, Bloom and Wild flowers are cut, packed and delivered within three days. That gives you at on average five extra days of fresh flowers.

In practice, I have found that most of the flowers have lasted around 10 days – some even longer.  Often the first to give up are the roses – I throw them out and put what is left over on the windowsill in the kitchen – these flowers were full 14 days old, and didn’t need discarded till they were almost 20 days old! 



Customer Service from Bloom and Wild


When I review a company, I like to wait until I have been using the product or services for some time. Only then do I feel that I can give a really balanced review, when the initial enthusiasm has worn off. I also find that reviewing a service such as this requires more than just one box of flowers – what happens if you have grounds for a complaint? How does the company react to unhappy customers? 

After a few weeks of receiving fortnightly flowers,  the delivery didn’t arrive one Thursday. It was the week before Christmas, so I assumed that the delivery was suspended over the busy festive season. Almost two weeks later, a delivery arrived – on Tuesday instead of Thursday. On opening the flowers, I discovered that they were dead. It seems that the Royal Mail had misplaced them over the Xmas period, and these were the ones that should have been delivered weeks before! 

I emailed Bloom and Wild, and they were extremely helpful. They offered a discount on a flower gift and refunded the payment of the original delivery. 

On a second occasion, there was a problem with the delivery and I received a phone call from the owner of the business to apologise personally. I should reiterate that the issues I’ve had were due to the postal service, which is of course out of the control of Bloom and Wild. I was very impressed with the customer service shown by the company. This was why I decided to review them officially on the blog – I’ve been recommending them on Twitter for a while now.


bloom and wild discount









I approached Bloom and Wild with the intention of writing a review about their company.  The opinion expressed in this review is honest and independent, as my readers expect it to be.

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