Healthy Banana Muffins – No Eggs

I did not intend to make “healthy” cakes today but I had run out of eggs and fancied making banana muffins. When I looked for a recipe, I came across this one on Mumsnet.

The recipe looked good, and had good reviews, so I overcame my doubt about healthy cakes – in my opinion there is no point in eating a healthy cake. When I eat cake, I want lots of flavour and I have seldom come across really delicious healthy cakes.

The recipe was pretty easy, melt honey and butter with milk, mash in bananas

Then add cup of SR flour (I cannot buy wholemeal SR flour so used white SR flour), baking powder. I added chocolate chips and vanilla essence. The mixture was still quite bitter so I added extra sugar and some more milk until it was a runny consistency. The mixture was distributed between 12 muffin cases in a yorkshire pudding tin and off it went into the oven.

Twenty minutes later the muffins were ready. They taste good, the children certainly ate them happily but I felt that they could have done with more sweetness. I ate mine with a splodge of dulce la leche.

I would make them again, but with sugar rather than honey, and white flour rather than wholemeal.

Which makes them less healthy, and rather defeats the purpose.


  • MmeLindt

    I have a normal banana loaf recipe but with eggs. Should have perhaps used it and added more milk. Ho hum. Agree that banana cake is delish, one of my favourites.

  • MelanieH73

    The banana muffin recipe I use is by Nigella & it has no egg in it. I assumed that this was an omission, so add an egg anyway. Maybe I shouldn't!

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