Man cleared of rape, because of “mistake identity”

The only newspaper currently reporting this story is the The Daily Mail. I sincerely hope that other newspapers pick up on this story in the coming days.

It is almost impossible to believe. Haydor Khan was in a hotel with his girlfriend. She was not feeling well and refused sex. He left the room to have a shower, returned to what he thought was his girlfriend’s room and climbed into bed.

Except he had gone into the wrong room. According to him, he was so drunk that he did not realise that instead of his 19 year old girlfriend, it was a 40 year old woman he had met earlier in the hotel bar. When he caught a glimpse of the woman’s face while he was having sex with her, and discovered that he was in bed with the wrong woman, he scooped up his clothes and her mobile phone and fled back to his girlfriend’s room.

Incredibly Khan was acquitted of rape by a jury.

How can this happen? NEITHER woman had consented to sex – his girlfriend has said that she was feeling too ill for sex, so even if he had gone into the right room, it would have been rape. Being drunk is no excuse. If I were to drink two bottles of wine then go out and stab someone, then I would rightly be jailed for the murder. Why is being drunk still seen as an out-clause in rape cases?

Rubbing salt into the wound, as only the Daily Mail can is the description of the woman raped as the “alleged victim” and the comment that Khan is said to have made to his girlfriend as he went back to her room, “Bloody hell. I’ve just has sex with someone old enough to be my mum”. The addition of the story about a woman jailed for a false rape accusation is almost normal Daily Mail behaviour.

I can only hope that an outcry is raised and the case is reviewed as soon as possible.

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  • Order and Chaos

    I missed this story and am shocked. As you say neither woman actually consented. Wha on earth did he do – get into bed with a woman thinking it was his girlfriend (who had refused sex earlir on) and just ignore that request? It beggers belief.

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