Reach Your Destination with a Mindset Coach

Rebecca is a Mindset Coach at Artemis Mindset Coaching. You might wonder what on earth that is, and who would see a mindset coach (and what exactly a mindset coach does differently to other coaches). I admit, when I first heard of it, I thought it sounded a bit woo (and I’m totally not woo!). She’s also a friend, so when she asked if I’d agree to be coached by her, as part of her training and certification, I agreed. Not only out of friendship, but also because I was inquisitive. What is this coaching thing, and what would I get out of it?

What is a Mindset Coach?

Coaching is not therapy, as Rebecca explains here. The aim of mindset coaching is to help someone achieve their goals – and often it is also to help them actually work out what their goals are.

So it was with me. I knew what I enjoyed doing, but didn’t know what to do with my skills, or how to get from here to there. Or even where ‘there’ was!

How Does Mindset Coaching Work?

Within the first session, Rebecca had gently but firmly … I’m struggling to find the right word here. It isn’t prodding or steering, maybe encouraging would fit. She enabled me to release my inner goals. The ones that I hadn’t even admitted to myself.

She didn’t make suggestions or give advice. She didn’t tell me what I should be doing – in fact she hates the word ‘should’ and would never use it. It’s not about her being some kind of guru, and imparting her wisdom, or her ideas. Rebecca asks questions, and isn’t afraid to wait for an answer. If you are thinking you couldn’t be doing with a YAY! cheerleader person telling you that you are AWESOME and lets HIGH FIVE, then you are in the right place with her. She’s not an extrovert buzzy coach. She’s a calm enabler of dreams.

The first session was elating and exhausting at the same time. I came out of it with a head buzzing with ideas, and a page full of notes. In the follow-up sessions, we worked on various issues that I had, including productivity, confidence, procrastination, and my tendency to be distracted by a thousand different things, and not be able to properly prioritise.

It’s not an miracle or overnight fix. I do have to continue to work on these issues, but now that I have identified what is holding me back, it’s a lot easier to push back and work through them.

I’ve also picked up some coaching tactics, which have been helpful in interpersonal and professional relationships, and in parenting. It’s amazing to see how much can be achieved, by asking a few well-targeted questions, rather than complaining or shouting.

Where Can I find a Mindset Coach?

Rebecca works via Skype/Facetime with clients all over the world, so get in touch with her to set up a discovery call. This is a free call, so you can find out a bit about how Rebecca works, and decide if mindset coaching is for you.

If you’d prefer face to face meetings, look for a Mindset Coach in your area, but do ensure they have done more than just a weekend course before setting up their business! There are a lot of people offering Mindset Coaching (or various other types of coaching).  It isn’t a registered profession – anyone can set themselves up as a mindset coach, and start advertising for clients. Read Rebecca’s advice on 5 things to ask your coach before you sign up.

If I’ve inspired you to find out more, check out Rebecca’s blog for more information and great resources and join her incredibly supportive Facebook group The Mindset Hub.


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Rebecca Pintre / Artemis Mindset Coaching

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Your mindset is the set of beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities and your potential for happiness and success.

Dr Carol Dweck, a Stanford professor of Psychology, has researched success and the driving factors behind success for most of her career. She has built a theory which puts people into one of two groups: those with a fixed mindset, and those with a growth mindset. I thoroughly recommend reading her book on the subject, Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential.

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To us introverts networking events are not necessarily scary, but they are very often stressful and exhausting. Putting a face on, engaging people in chat, listening to people for hours on end.

But we have to do it. Whether we own our own business, or we are looking to move forwards in our paid employment, networking is part of the package. And I am here to say, hand on my introverted heart, it doesn’t have to be all that awful.

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So why am I writing a blog post called “when mindset isn’t everything?” Well, it is in answer to those out there who repeat, again and again, that it is everything. It is in answer to the people who contact me because they have been told by these people that they are failing because of their mindset. More about them in a moment…  READ MORE