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Nespresso Lattissima Review – Quick Fix to Great Coffee




If you were to ask my what purchases I have made in the last year were the ones that I was most pleased with, then my Nespresso machine would be in the top five. For this reason, I decided to record a first video blog – A Nespresso Lattissima Review

We have had a Nespresso machine for about six years. Our first one was the Krups with Aeroccino.

This is a pretty good starter set. With the Nespresso machine, you can make either espresso or lungo. A lungo is the name that Nespresso use for black coffee ie. a cup or mug of coffee. The Aeroccino is used to make the warm milk, either frothed or just plain warm milk.

We never had any problems with the Nespresso machine, but the Aeroccino was replaced twice. The first time was probably our fault as we had damaged the anti-stick coating while cleaning it. The basic problem with this machine is that the base gets really hot if you make more than one or two cappuccinos at a time. You have to be careful to cook it down with cold water in between coffees and always always rinse after use. Otherwise the milk residue burns onto the base of the machine and is difficult to remove.

One great thing about Nespresso though, is that they are very customer orientated. There were no quibbles about how we had not taken care of the machine, just a straight exchange. I actually had taken it in to ask their advice on what we were doing wrong, not expecting them to exchange it, but they offered to do so.

If your Nespresso machine has a fault, Nespresso will have it picked up, serviced and returned to your home and will even offer a replacement machine in case of a delay.

After we moved to Switzerland, I noticed the Lattissima machine and lusted after it for years. Just before Christmas last year, I noticed that one of my favourite online websites had a great offer. The machine plus a CHF 100 voucher for coffee from Nespresso club. If you shop around, you can get some great offers. John Lewis has our machine on offer at £375 until the end of November, with a £60 voucher.

There is a newer version of the Lattissima which is a fair bit cheaper, but I am not so keen on the design. The handling of the machine does seem better than ours – the water tank is much easier to access and the place for a cup or glass is better than ours at present. Some mugs are too wide to sit in the space comfortably. Other than that, the basic functions are similar.

For the first time, I have done a vlog – a video blog. Never one to like the sound of my own voice, I have avoided this so far, but there is no better way to explain the machine than to show you. So here goes.

This review was not sponsored by either Nespresso or De Longhi.


    • MmeLindor

      Better than a cafetiere or a normal drip coffee machine. We had it explained to us that the hot water whooshing through the coffee at high pressure means that the coffee is kinder on the stomach, milder if you will. I certainly find that it is.

      It is as good as coffee in a coffee shop with a big posh machine.

      The pods cost 30p each. I meant to add that, will edit post.

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