Seeking Contributors For Pre-Teen Blog for Girls – No Fluffy Kittens or Pink Glitter

In a supermarket recently, my kids asked if they could have a comic. We headed for the newspaper stands and they browsed for a while but my daughter found it really difficult to choose one. She remarked that she was sometimes a girly girl but sometimes a tomboy too and the girl comics were all about make up and boys, horses and cats. Nothing against cute pictures of cats, but after 5 minutes of looking at them, what was she supposed to do? The articles are generally boring and not terribly well written.

Who decided that all pre-teen girls are only interested in fluff like that?

I think that they might be persuaded to read a bi-weekly online magazine with other topics.

My daughter loves art, for example and would enjoy a magazine which featured stories of artists, or history of art. Maybe your daughter likes to read about astronomy, science, geography, or maybe you work in that field and would like to write an article explaining what you do.

We could have articles about technology, about politics (in a general way, explaining about the upcoming US election, and how they vote), about countries, people and how they live. Perhaps your daughter (or son) would like to write an article for the blog.

I would set up the blog and anyone could submit articles for publication. I would be looking to have several articles a week.

Anyone interested? It would be non-profit, ie I cannot pay you for this as I won’t be making any money from it. If it is successful and we can find a way of making it pay, then this might change.

If you would like to contribute, please use the contact form on the blog and let me know what you would like to write about.


  • Laura Montague

    I am not really sure about what I would write about. Getting a first job and the experience of that. Maybe the UK Political situation and how it affects charities such as Age Concern Christchurch where I volunteer.

    • Lynn

      That sounds great, Laura. If you would send me a short email with that info so I can add you to the list, and I will give you a shout when I am ready for articles.

  • ThresholdMum

    I think this is a great idea & wish you really well with it. (Can’t think of what I could contribute, but might email if something pops up.)

    Our son (aged 9) likes Aquilla, monthly subscription, one a month. Interesting articles on range of themes plus some jokes. He also likes First News, again by subscription. Worth having a look.

    Also best wishes with your move!

  • joanne brady

    I would so love to get involved. I remember Just17 magazine at that age and it was a great mix of fashion, art, tv, celebs, careers, boys, and sport. I have so much to tell girls of that age. I have four young ones myself and would love to have something to contribute to them. Please email me to discuss further.

  • Amy

    Hi, what a fab idea I would love to get involved. I have noticed the same even with magazines aimed at toddlers, they are either blue or pink, monsters or flowers!
    I think that there should be a culture section – what’s on at the cinema, things on for younger people.
    Additionally if your daughter is into Art how about Architecture, Design, Interior design and Fashion (moving away from the high street side of things). There could also be a crafty section which links in with the artist theme, make your own kind of idea.

    • Lynn

      Yes, craft section will certainly be part of it.

      And I get annoyed with boys comics too. To many of them are simple promotional vehicles for a TV show or film.

  • MinnieBar

    I think this is a great idea. My DDs are only 3 and 1 but I’d hope their interests continue to be wide and not limited by society’s preconceptions of their gender.

    I’m not sure if I’d have much to contribute – I am a youth counsellor but I generally work with teens and up. Maybe something about dealing with peer pressure and/or how to handle difficult feelings?? (Although maybe that’s more ideal for actual teens?)

    Anyway, best of luck, I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

    Oh and if you could tell me how to get that sodding Twitter bird to stop flying all over the page when viewing your blog that would be excellent 😉

    • Lynn

      That sounds great, would love to have something on peer pressure.

      Don’t you like my Twitter bird? If he annoys too many people I will have to remove him. 🙁

      Poor old Tweety.

      • MinnieBar

        Sorry but IMHO he is a total PITA. However I often look at your blog via FB so then he doesn’t appear.

        I don’t do Twitter though so perhaps I’m just not the target market…. [old gimmer]

        • Lynn

          Ha. Sorry. I will take your comment into consideration. So far everyone has found him cute but if there is a backlash, I will take him off.

  • HR

    (re your Twitter question, can’t Tweet at present) – What about .it as the suffix, this would be especially good if it is a name that works with ‘It’ in some way?

  • Becca

    H, I think this is a great idea, personally we would prefer a paper copy as my daughter has limited online access, however it’s a great start.
    If it helps her intrests are..simple knitting/ crochet/ needle felting. Art. Anything crafty. Cupcake making/ decorating. Sylvanian families, bead crafts.horses.

    I think interviews with sports women would be nice, and maybe fashion designers. Info on good days out for families, festival or holidays may be nice.

    Hth, good luck

    • Lynn

      Thanks for your thoughts. I would love to do a printed copy, but that is simply not doable as it would be rather expensive. I can look into making it easily printable though, so you can print articles to read later. Crafting will certainly feature, as will cooking and baking. Interviews and reviews of travel destinations would be a good addition.

  • GentleOtter

    Happy to contribute life for a teenager on a farm, crafts with wool, having a much younger sibling, plain recipes, keeping poultry and gardening/ growing vegetables/ butterfly gardens.

    Sorry but bird? I cannot see a bird.

    • Lynn

      Gladly, would love to have your articles on farming and life on the land.

      My bird is gone. I had problems with the blog and suspected it was the bird. Doesn’t seem to be, still having issues. Meh. Technology. If I win the lottery, I shall employ an IT slave.

  • Queen of the Vikings

    fab. strong female role models, not the usual tripehounds in the gossip mags – people like female millionaires (Debra Meadon?) Mary Portas, female politicians, love idea of sports stars, who are the UK gymnastic team? how did they start? history and UK representatives in all fields of dance – ballroom/tap/ballet/cheerleading, explanations of rainbows/brownies/guides/duke of edinburgh – how to make friends, join clubs, new hobbies – how to craft is all excellent, internet surfing, — safety.
    My dd is 5, my ds 3. they are mad on animals and space, dinosaurs, nature
    you could do safe internet links – great youtube links, games, so mums can quickly follow them without checking the sites out first… good luck, if I think of an article I will forward to you, maybe looking closer at poetry… hmmmmm

    • Lynn

      It is incredible, isn’t it – how much truly fascinating STUFF there is out there and such a waste that we fill our girls’ heads with nonsense. Great ideas there, will add them all to the list. We will certainly do something about the Olympics and sports.

  • GentleOtter

    Where do we send our articles to (sorry if that is a silly question but Luddite alert)

    I am going to ‘interview’ dd and write her view of preteen/teen life in the sticks.

    • Lynn

      You can email them to me, GO. I will shuffle papers next week and see what we have for the launch. Some might get held back for following weeks.

    • Lynn

      Thanks. If you would like to contribute – even if just occasionally – do let me know. You can contact me via the button on the blog.

  • Annis

    What a fabulous idea. I know exactly what you mean about the magazine choice available for girls, my two girls stopped asking for magazines, as they said, there was never anything interesting to read in them.
    I would love to take part, could do arty, survival tips for life, boredom busting, book reviews, I’ll try and get my daughter to do a post about being a Scout. I could even get my son to do a post about living with sisters, a view from the other side, no doubt filled with complaints.

  • Tiffany Jones-Cisneros

    My name is Tiffany and I am a new author! One of my books Is entitled “Major Issues in Junior High” In my book I tackle everyday Issues of an American tweenaged girl! My daughter who is 12yrs old did the illustrations. It’s a good read for girls who r not princesses but not totally Tom Boys! My daughter has coined the phrase “Tom Girl” which she calls herself because she wears sneakers with skirts! Lol I would love to help with this blog!! Please Check out My book >> http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000547949/Major-Issues-in-Junior-High.aspx

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