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When I look back at my old posts, I am sometimes struck by the thought, “Did I really write that?”. Not that I don’t stand by what I have written in the past, but I can see the difference between my earlier posts and the more recent ones. Just as I have changed in my almost three years in Geneva, so my writing, my blog has changed and evolved.

When I changed the blog name from LaDouceVieSuisse to Salt&Caramel, I felt that I had moved on to another stage of my blogging life. I will still post about life in Switzerland, but it will not be the main theme of my blog.

One of my favourite food bloggers, Michelle from Food, Football and a Baby, tagged me this week to take part in the 7 Link Project. I am not a great fan of memes, but this one looked interesting and I have spent quite some time going through old posts and choosing which ones to use. I have flicked back and forward between the old blog and the new blog stats to find the results.


My Most Beautiful Post 


Not through any skill of mine, but due to the rugged beauty of the Scottish coastline. It was our first trip to the area north of Skye, we travelled across the mountain pass to Applecross, our eyes widening at every twist in the road as another heart-stopping panorama came into view.





My Most Popular Post


Now, this is a strange one. For all the mouth-watering recipes that I have posted, the incisive social commentaries, the informative reviews and tips. The post with the most views is the one where I made hockey-puck-scones. Typical. My readers are strange creatures, that is for sure. Actually, on rereading that post, that was when I started thinking about changing the name of the blog, and changing the emphasis slightly to show things that go wrong.






Most Controversial Post

Not sure if this counts as controversial, but it certainly got the most comments and the most response on Twitter. I did quake slightly at the thought of cross Mummybloggers throwing (perfectly risen) scones at me, but the response was mainly positive.





My Most Helpful Post


This has to be theBlogger’s Guide to Blogging, followed by the Blogging and Social Media , and the Tweeter’s Guide to Twitter posts. This is a trio of posts that should help anyone who wishes to start blogging. Beginning with a comparison of WordPress vs Blogger, through setting up your own blog and how to get readers, how to connect to other bloggers, and on to how to use Twitter. I hope that these posts can help a beginner blogger to find their feet.






A Post Which Surprised Me With Its Success 


As with any topical post, this one has a good few google hits from people searching for information, and explanations about the London Riots. It also hugely benefited from being chosen as one of the highlighted posts on Mumsnet Bloggers’ Network. That was quite thrilling.





A Post I Feel Did Not Get The Attention It Deserved

It is one of my favourite recipes, incredibly easy to make, delicious and looks pretty damn impressive when you serve it to guests, but hardly anyone has looked at myQuick and Easy Salmon Coulibiac recipe post. It started out when I watched the Hairy Bikers (A British TV show in which two guys on motorbikes ride around Britain in search of good food). I was intrigued by this recipe, but it seemed a bit of a faff. And I only had frozen salmon, and a packet of Uncle Ben’s Rosemary and Salmon rice. So the MmeLindor’s Easy Salmon Coulibiac was created.

A Post I Am Very Proud Of

One of the things that I have started doing since moving to Geneva is writing. When someone told me a couple of years ago that I had a good writing style and that I should write more, I decided to join a Writers Workshop. This, and the positive feedback that I have had from readers of my blog has given me the confidence to put some of my work on my blog. The story of a young lawyer who moves to Geneva started life as Dora, but was soon changed to Beth as too many of my readers could not get past the Dora the Explorer connection. Beth’s story has stalled slightly, as I have been very busy with other projects, but I will get back to her. I promise.

This is the bit that I find rather nerve-wracking about these memes. Tagging other bloggers. I hope that some of them join in.



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