Would You Pay A Blogger?

Here is something I stumbled over this week, thanks to Vix at VegemiteVix.

Flattr is a play on words of “flatter” and “flat rate” and is a platform for blogger, photographers, writers, artist, musicians and basically anyone who has a website to earn some money.

We all blog for the love of it (or most of us do) but sometimes it would be nice to feel that what we write, has value.

One of my husband’s previous bosses used to say, “Was nichts kostet, ist nichts wert” which translates to “What costs nothing, is worth nothing”.

Harsh perhaps, but a grain of truth in there. Do we value our talent, our writing, our photography, our crafts instructions, and do others value it?

You may say that being thanked is enough, receiving a heartfelt comment. Yes, it is but is there anyone who would not appreciate a bit of cold hard cash?

The idea behind Flattr is that you pay a flat rate into your Flattr account. This can be as little as €2, or as much as €100. Then you go about the internet and click on the Flattr button if a blogger has one installed on their blog.

You only ever pay your monthy rate – it is divided amongst the bloggers whom you have “flattred” (Apologies for my abuses to the English language).

So if you have a Flattr rate of €2 a month, and “like” 10 blogs, they each get €0.20. Doesn’t sound like much, but a whole lot more than most people make with Google Ads. And it is coming directly from someone who liked your blog.

What do you think? Would you use this? And if not, would it put you off a blogger if they had a Flattr button on their blog?

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