About Salt and Caramel

Hi, I’m Lynn, a freelance writer and translator who has lived and worked in several European countries.

I have a particular interest in the rights of women and children, and in 2012 launched Jump! Magazine, a girl-positive blog for kids aged 8+. 

Salt and Caramel is my personal blog. The title, “Salt and Caramel” is both homage to my favourite ice cream – caramel fleur de sel – and a nod to the nature of my blog.  I started blogging in 2008, after moving to Geneva, Switzerland.

In the beginning my blog was an expat / mummyblog, with a name specific to that period of my life. Over time, the topics I blogged about became more varied, including both the positive and negative in life – you could say, the sweet and the bitter side of life – Caramel fleur de sel. Salt and Caramel.



  • Charles Knights

    After completing my 3 years at the Royal College of Music, London in 1978, I was thrilled to join the Würzburg Philharmonic as a First Violin. The 6 years I spent in Würzburg were to become a very special time and many of the friendships I made then have lasted over 40 years, giving me a reason to ensure I don’t let my language skills slip. I always felt very ashamed when I went on guided tours of the Residenz which was probably the only time the bombing onslaught was mentioned in detail. Your blog has made me shudder as I am reminded of the ordinary people who always suffer the most at times of war. As you can imagine, I have been so upset with Brexit and observing how power continues to attract all the wrong people throughout history. Thank you.

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