• Geneva

    Photogroup Workshop – Theme: Water

    When “Water” was suggested for our photography group monthly theme, it would have been easy to head down to the lake but one of our members suggested going to Choulex near Geneva , where there is a nature reserve with a river running through it. It was an inspired suggestion. These are some of the photos that I took.

  • Switzerland

    The Swiss School Run

    That when we were young, almost everyone walked to school. I can’t remember any school friend being driven to school, even one friend who lived quite far away walked. Today, when doing the Swiss school run,  I had the impression that quite a few of my childrens’ classmates were driven to school, and from what I hear from friends in UK, I would imagine that most British parents drive. According to the UK Department of Transport,  road traffic accidents involving taking children to school have doubled in the past twenty years. Today on Twitter, I undertook a very unscientific study, and found that although some people lived too far from the…

  • Photography

    Favourite Photos of 2010

    Today I was thinking about the passing of the year 2010 and thought I would gather some of my favourite photos in one post. These are the ones that I particularly like, or which bring back memories of a certain moment in time.