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    Reach Your Destination with a Mindset Coach

    Rebecca is a Mindset Coach at Artemis Mindset Coaching. You might wonder what on earth that is, and who would see a mindset coach (and what exactly a mindset coach does differently to other coaches). I admit, when I first heard of it, I thought it sounded a bit woo (and I’m totally not woo!). She’s also a friend, so when she asked if I’d agree to be coached by her, as part of her training and certification, I agreed. Not only out of friendship, but also because I was inquisitive. What is this coaching thing, and what would I get out of it?

  • Parenting

    Raising Girls vs Raising Boys

    The comparison between raising girls vs raising boys is one that I have been making these past years. My children have conformed pretty well to the ‘gender stereotyping’ by being sensitive, artistic and the peacemaker (my daughter) vs rowdy, maths and science fan and dominant (my son).  A friend recommended the book by Steve Biddulph, “Raising Boys” a few years ago. I glanced through it, but really didn’t get on well with it. I can’t remember much about it, or why I put it down, but was interested to hear that Steve has followed up with a book about girls, called (predictively) Raising Girls.   On Radio 2 this morning,…

  • Blogging

    Blagging – Would a Blog Review Persuade You to Buy?

    Well, it has been a busy couple of days on the blogosphere. Kicked off by this post  by Sian at Mummy Tips, swiftly followed by Mummy From The Heart, asking if she is a blagger and the journalist’s view from Joanne Mallon. Sian noted that increasingly the service Response Source, which is used by PR companies to find journalists and bloggers interested in writing about their clients’ products, has been overrun by bloggers looking for products to review. Particularly “Mummybloggers” are giving bloggers a bad name, by badgering PR companies with emails sometimes several times a day. Sian has decided not to use Response Source since there are so many bloggers…

  • Scotland

    Secrets of Scotland – Off the Beaten Track – Part One

        All beautiful countries share this problem – you can’t see Scotland for tourists blocking the best views and roads. Find unspoilt and less traveled paths with this series of articles on the Secrets of Scotland  – the hidden parts of the country that are not on the normal bus tour itineraries.     Seeing your home country through the eyes of a stranger, as a foreigner, is always interesting. I recall being surprised at some of my husband’s observations over the years. He loved the typical British pub, with carpets. It had never occurred to me that carpets were strange in pubs – but considering all that must get…

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    Oven Cleaning for Lazy Folk – Oven Pride Review

    This will make my mother fall over in shock. Me reviewing a cleaning product. How ironic.  But I do have to share this one with you, because it is for perfect for lazy housewives like myself. One of my most hated jobs is cleaning the oven – or ovens as we have two. Against the advice of our estate agent, we use both – he said that using just one oven would save on cleaning but I love having two ovens. It makes cooking large meals such as Christmas lunch much easier to coordinate. So when I read on Mumsnet recently about a product that made cleaning the oven a…

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    How to Buy a Diamond Ring Online

      Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend! Well, no they are not. A girl’s best friend – or friends – are her real friends, her family and those who stick by her and support her whenever she needs them. Sparkles are perhaps not really my best friends, but they are not bad to have around. They lift my spirits and give me a small thrill. In this post, I will share my experience of how to buy a diamond online.  Pic: James Allen Last year, my husband and I decided to splurge on a diamond ring. Not having bought a diamond ring since our engagement many years ago, we had no…

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    Review – Jilly Cooper – Jump! – Contains some spoilers.

    When I read that there was a new Jilly Cooper book due out, I was – excited would be too much, but interested definitely. Despite being disappointed with her last couple of books, I had hoped that this book would see a return to the JC of Rivals and Riders. The first book that I read of the Rutshire series was Rivals which I read when I was about 16 years old. Jilly Cooper wrote books that were different, more adult than the books I had been reading until then. There were racy scenes that made me hide in my bedroom, embarrassed to be seen by my Dad while reading…