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    I’m a survivor I’m not goin’ give up I’m not goin’ stop I’m goin’ work harder   The song blasted out of the speakers as Amelia gritted her teeth. The pain was almost enough to make her beg for a break, but not quite. Not when she was so close. “Dig deep, Amelia. We are almost there”, her physiotherapist implored. “I’m a SURVIVOR”, Amelia shouted breathlessly as she shuffled forward. Jane moved backwards, her hands outstretched. Not holding, but protecting from a potential fall. It was both a reassurance and an annoyance. Why should someone have to be ready to catch her all the time, why can she not do…

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    Why You Should Avoid Operation Christian Child

      When I wrote this article in 2011, I would not have believed that years later, I’d update it with the information that the leader of this charity was a supporter of President Trump, and that they shared similar political goals. That’s not the only reason to avoid Operation Christian Child, but it’s one that is hard to dismiss. I’ve rewritten this post and added new information, including some alternatives to Operation Christian Child. If your child’s school is planning to collect shoeboxes this year, let them know who is behind this charity, and suggest some alternatives.  When we lived in Germany one of the parents at Kindergarten sent out…

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    Remembering Anabelle

    Last year I got to “know” a blogger called Caz, a Mumsnetter whom I joined in protesting against the Eastenders cotdeath storyline. You may have forgotten the furore that followed the broadcasting of the episode where a mother discovers her son, lifeless in his cot and on the spur of the moment decides to swap her baby for a neighbour and friend’s living child. The storyline has ended, the characters have moved on but for some parents there was no happy ending. Their baby was not revealed to be alive, and living in the house of a mentally ill woman. Their baby was never coming back. For parents it is…