Letting Go

You roll your eyes and I bite my tongue. It’s normal, I tell myself. She’s a teenager. She needs to detach. Still, it hurts my heart.

‘You may give them your love but not your thoughts’

I was the centre of your world. Your rock. Your oracle. You looked to me for answers. And now your gaze has turned outward. Read More


Reaching Your Destination with a Life Coach

Rebecca is a Life Coach at Artemis Mindset Coaching. You might wonder what on earth that is, and who would see a life coach. I admit, when I first heard of it, I thought it sounded a bit woo (and I’m totally not woo!). She’s also a friend, so when she asked if I’d agree to be coached by her, as part of her training and certification, I agreed. Not only out of friendship, but also because I was inquisitive. What is this coaching thing, and what would I get out of it?

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New Website Launched

If you enjoy my posts on parenting, and the recent guest posts, then please do pop over and check out Jump! Parents – a new website for parents of tweens and teens.

Salt and Caramel will continue, but as my personal blog for reviews, reflections, opinions and more Secrets of Scotland (and perhaps other areas too!)


Secrets of Scotland – JustBe at MhorFest

This weekend, we travelled up to the Highlands of Scotland to Mhor Hotel, and their annual MhorFest. We’d intended arriving in time for the Raft Race on Saturday morning, but underestimated the travelling time on the wee roads, and missed it. All was not lost, as the festival was just getting underway. With free entry for kids under 14 years, it was clear that this was going to be a popular event with families, and already there were a fair number of people milling about.

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living overseas

What You Need to Know Before Moving Overseas

‘Steve and Mary from Nuneaton are following their dream, of buying and renovating a period property in rural France. The cottage we are showing them needs a bit of work, but we think that with a bit of updating, it could be stunning. Neither of them speak the language, but they came to this area on holiday last year, and fell in love with the natural beauty and the carefree lifestyle. Mary is an artist, and Steve is a graphic designer, and both hope to set up thriving home businesses in France.’

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Review of Ziggys Restaurant St Andrews

Review of Ziggys Restaurant in St Andrews

It was my first visit to Ziggys Restaurant in St Andrews, and I was intrigued to see it described as a family owned ‘themed restaurant’, decorated with rock and roll memorabilia. I was guessing it would be a bit like Hard Rock Cafe, but more personal and individual. If possible, I try to support local businesses, rather than national (or international!) chain restaurants. Read More


5 Signs of Low Self Esteem in a Child … and What You Can Do About It

A guest post by Coach Rebecca Pintre, from Artemis Mindset Coaching, on recognising the signs of low self esteem in a child, and what parents can do about it. 

Self-esteem is the sense of worth a person has about themselves, the value they put on themselves. It is important to have a good balance of self-esteem and a positive yet realistic sense of self-worth. As a coach, low self-esteem is one of the issues I come across frequently. As a mother of two young girls I know that fostering good self-esteem in my daughters is one of my key tasks. Read More


Dear 13 Year Old Me…

It is my daughter’s 13th birthday today. At last, she is a TEENAGER! She’s promised that she won’t suddenly turn into a stroppy, hormonal monster. Check back in a year to see whether she’s been able to keep that vow!

I was thinking back to my teenage years, and what I would tell myself, if I could go back in time and give myself some advice. Read More

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Marigold – A Short Story for March Writers’ Workshop

For the March Writers’ Workshop

The prompt I chose was, ‘Reluctantly, she let the flower fall from her hand, watching as it spiralled down’.

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How to Make a First Period Kit

No, don’t worry. I’m not going to advise you to throw a First Period Party for your daughter. I can only imagine the sheer horror that my daughter would greet this suggestion. It is probably up there with ‘Mum-dancing with my guidance teacher at the school disco in an effort to get all the kids to dance’ on the 1 – 100 scale of embarrassment.

Talking to kids about sex is an important part of parenting, and a part of this is talking to girls about getting their first period. One of the best ways to help your daughter prepare, is to make a First Period Kit.

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