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Brexit… What’s Next?

Fans of the TV series West Wing will recognise the catchphrase of President Jed Bartlet. ‘What’s next?’, he’d exclaim as he solved one tricky political conundrum and moved on. Sadly, real life politicians don’t have the option of… Read More

The Question of Independence

    I didn’t intend to write about this topic, but over the past few weeks I have become increasingly annoyed and disappointed at the direction the debate has taken. It seems to have descended to name-calling and… Read More

Porn and Posturing Politicians

I am not the only feminist in UK who today has conflicting thoughts to the announcement by David Cameron about online pornography. While many of us are pleased that the government have finally noticed that we have a… Read More

Paul McMullan – Are We Accomplices?

Has there ever been such an explosive and, quite frankly, entertaining witness at a public enquiry as Paul McMullan, ex News of the World journalist turned whistleblower? Picture Credit Twitter almost exploded this afternoon as McMullan gave evidence… Read More

Apprenticeships – A Quick Fix for Youth Unemployment?

The UK government announced the Youth Contract Scheme, intended to get Britain’s youth working. Currently, there are over 1 million British youth on the unemployment register, and it is vital to get these people working. Is the new… Read More

Daily Mail, Lies and Statistics

My blog went viral last night. I had more hits in 2 hours than I normally have in more than a week. Sadly, not because of a scintillating piece of social commentary, or because thousands of people were interested… Read More

Daily Mail Posts in Lies Shocker

It is not unusual for a newspaper to write up two versions of a story, so that when the announcement is made, they can get their story online faster. What the Daily Mail did tonight went above and… Read More

Foreign Language Teaching In Scottish Schools

It was with interest that I read the article in The Scotsman about foreign language teaching in Scottish schools. Throughout the country, Mandarin is becoming more popular than traditionally taught German. Some schools and even school districts will… Read More

21st Century Clearances

This is what the blogger GentleOtter calls the situation facing tenant farmers in Scotland right now. Feudal. Medieval. Unfuckingbelievable. GentleOtter and her family live and farm in the Perthshire Glens. An idyllic location that hides the desperation that… Read More