DFDS Seaways Ferry receives a Daphne Seal of Approval



Poor Daphne had to stay in the Doggy Hotel of the Ferry to Newcastle. Along with 2 other dogs she was left in a room with various sized dog cages, plenty of fresh water and some food. She refused the food – protest perhaps?

We were allowed to visit her but did not go down too often, as I thought that it might be more unsettling for her. When we did visit, she was incredibly happy to see us but did not seem too bothered about going back into her cage afterwards. She is a sleepy mutt anyway, and a bit fed up of the children being home on school holidays so probably saw it as a chance of having a wee rest.

Just outside the room was a massive doggy loo where she could relieve herself when we visited. All in all, not a traumatic experience – except for our daughter, who cried when we left Daphne. I suspect she was trying to work out if she could smuggle Daphne back to the cabin.

On arrival in Newcastle, Daphne’s doggy passport was checked and we were allowed to proceed with no difficulty.

DFDS Seaways for doggy transport between Europe and UK, now with the Daphne Seal of Approval.

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  • linda

    Daphne is a trooper!

    (Hello, and thank you for visiting my fledgling blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. I'm happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading!)

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