How to Write a Trip Advisor Review

I love a good Trip Advisor review. Generally I use them as an aid to finding hotels to avoid. ¬†Any mention of “hilarious holiday reps”, “fab poolside and evening entertainment” or “delicious all you can eat buffet with proper English grub!” tells me that I will hate the hotel, and should keep looking.
Here are my top tips on how to write a Trip Advisor review.

Start by Telling Your Story


locked up house


Always wanted to write a novel? Now is your chance. Begin your review by telling of your reasons for booking this holiday, and why you decided on this particular hotel. It is helpful to include details of health issues and/or previous disastrous trips. The above review is worth reading in full. The final paragraph is worthy of a Pinterest inspiring quote image.



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The Journey




Readers are particularly interested in any issues that have nothing whatsoever to do with the hotel you are reviewing.



The Weather




We Brits are OBSESSED by the weather, so do let us know what kind of weather we can expect. Complaints of it being just TOO HOT when you’ve visited Tunisia in August will really help undecided potential holidaymakers.



Things the Hotel/Resort Can’t Possibly Change





Information about mosquitoes and small children, big hills, distance to sea (especially if stated in the hotel description… all this helps holiday seekers make their decision!



Do let us know if we will treated like FOREIGNERS!!!!



not for the english


Remind readers that they could just stay home





Yes, this review was for the Colosseum in Rome!



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