My Bucket List

It is not something that I have thought of before – what things do I want to do before I kick the bucket. Not that I have any intention of doing that any time soon, but if there is one thing I enjoy doing, it is writing lists. My mother used to tease me about my lists, asking if I needed to make a list of my lists to keep track of them.

When I read Ellen’s blog post about a bucket list, I immediately thought of the Morgan Freeman/Jack Nicholson film.



I watched the Bucket List a few years ago and it is truly a wonderful film, although I have to warn you that it does have a Kleenex Rating of 25 (ie. how many tissues an average person will go through watching this film). It is the story of two terminally ill men who decide to do everything that they ever wanted to do before the kick the bucket.

So, what better thing to do when you are alive and healthy, than to write a bucket list and slowly cross them off.


My Bucket List

1. Publish a novel

2.  Do a patisserie course to learn how to make cakes. I can do the basics but would love to learn how make things like macaroons  

3. Take my daughter to Paris for a girls weekend

4. Stand at the top of the Empire State building and kiss my husband

5. Do an advanced training course with the ADAC

6. Have laser eye treatment so that I can throw away my glasses.

7. Get 1000 hits on ONE day on my blog

8. See my children graduate school, happy with their achievements

9. Go to New England in autumn

10. Get a job that I really enjoy doing

11. Live in Scotland again



Ok. That is it for now. I may add other ideas over the coming days. It occurs to me that this is the kind of list that needs to fester.

What about you? Join in Ellen’s meme and write your own bucket list. Would love to read your wildest desires.





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