On the plane to Scotland

I am on my way to Edinburgh for SIL-to-be’s Henny Night. Tonight we will get down and dirty at the Boyzone concert in Glasgow.

It is a bit strange, travelling without the kids. I have time to look around me and notice things.

Like the couple ahead of me in the queue to get on the plane. Snazzy red trousers, Bavarian jacket and golf gloves. Or are they driving gloves? You know the thing I mean, beige gloves made of leather and mesh material with the Velcro fastening on back of the hand.

The weirdest thing was that his wife was wearing a matching pair of gloves.

He is sitting on the opposite side of the ailse and has just taken a wet wipe out if his pocket to clean his hands after eating his sandwich. His red socks match his red trousers and the red piping on his blazer. Very dapper.

I have consumed my sandwich (without wet wipe usage) and a cup of tea. I did think about a glass of wine but will wait until mum and I get to Glasgow for that.

Got to get some frilly knickers to throw at Ronan. D’you think John Lewis stock something suitable?


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