Operation Christian Child - Good Intentions or Proselytizing?

These discussions crop up every year about this time. When we lived in Germany one of the parents at Kindergarten sent out leaflets, urging the parents to fill a shoe box with toys, pencils, school supplies, hygiene articles. These ‘Operation Christian Child’ shoe boxes would be collected by an organisation called Samaritan’s Purse and sent to a child in a developing country. Despite my reservations, egged on by the children […]


Mumsnet Campaign - Kick Off Thread - Lets Get Blogging

The campaign kicks off on Monday, 10th October and will carry on throughout the week. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the reality of miscarriage, often a taboo topic, brushed under the carpet of life. It is estimated that every third woman will at some time in her life suffer the loss of a pregnancy. It is sadly not unusual, and it is time that we talked honestly […]


Don't Turn Away - Save The Children

I turned away from the TV last night. I turned away because I could not bear to see the baby, dying of starvation. I turned away because I did not want to hear how many others like her would die. I turned away because I felt guilty, as I sat there with a belly full of food and wine. I turned away because there is nothing I can do and […]