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Raising Girls vs Raising Boys

The comparison between raising girls vs raising boys is one that I have been making these past years. My children have conformed pretty well to the ‘gender stereotyping’ by being sensitive, artistic and the peacemaker (my daughter) vs… Read More

Sponsors Of Mums

It is not often that a multinational company so misjudges their advertising audience as Proctor and Gamble has with their “Sponsors of Mums” campaign. Maybe it is just me, but their ad makes me want to throw things… Read More

Becoming a Feminist

As part of the theme #feministfriday, the blogger Translantic Blonde asked this week, “What moment triggered you to say, ‘I am a feminist’”. To be honest, I am not really sure. I guess I have always been a… Read More

Life as a Feminist Trailing Spouse

The term “Trailing Spouse” may not be one that you are familiar with, unless you are a fellow expat wife. It is used to refer to the partners of those who move abroad for work. In most cases,… Read More

Being a Stay At Home Mum – My Choice

I discovered this blog today through Twitter. Retro Woman Revolution, which I hope she will not mind me linking to as it is seems a good starting point. To be honest, I am a bit confused by the… Read More