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The Problem with “As a Mother…”

When a sentence begins with ‘As a mother…’, it’s generally a bad sign. This rarely heralds an insightful observation, as Andrea Leadsom demonstrated. The discussion will continue around the political wrangling, but I wanted to pause for a… Read More

Things Mums of Boys Will Know

I was disappointed with Netmums’ article on ‘Things Mums of Boys Will Know‘. As a mother of a boy and a girls, I know that most of these are silly, and a couple are just plain ridiculous.

New Years Resolutions and Regrets

Do you make New Years Resolutions? This year, I’m taking a leaf out of the book of Rebecca from Artemis Mindset Coaching, and not bothering. Or rather, I’m making changes but not thinking of them as NY Resolutions. [pullquote… Read More

Letting Go

You roll your eyes and I bite my tongue. It’s normal, I tell myself. She’s a teenager. She needs to detach. Still, it hurts my heart. ‘You may give them your love but not your thoughts’ I was… Read More

New Website Launched

If you enjoy my posts on parenting, and the recent guest posts, then please do pop over and check out Jump! Parents – a new website for parents of tweens and teens. Salt and Caramel will continue, but… Read More

5 Signs of Low Self Esteem in a Child … and What You Can Do About It

A guest post by Coach Rebecca Pintre, from Artemis Mindset Coaching, on recognising the signs of low self esteem in a child, and what parents can do about it.  Self-esteem is the sense of worth a person has… Read More

Dear 13 Year Old Me…

It is my daughter’s 13th birthday today. At last, she is a TEENAGER! She’s promised that she won’t suddenly turn into a stroppy, hormonal monster. Check back in a year to see whether she’s been able to keep that… Read More

How to Make a First Period Kit

No, don’t worry. I’m not going to advise you to throw a First Period Party for your daughter. I can only imagine the sheer horror that my daughter would greet this suggestion. It is probably up there with ‘Mum-dancing… Read More

What If…. A Guest Post for World Down Syndrome Day

A Guest Post for World Down Syndrome Day, by Emily

Talking to Kids About Sex

Talking to The Kids About Sex – Without Euphemisms or Embarrassment

According to Planned Parenthood, teens who had good, honest conversations with their parents about sex are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer partners and use condoms or other contraceptives when they do have sex. So how… Read More

Parenting without Punishments

Parenting Without Punishments

  When a friend recently talked about ‘Gentle Parenting‘, or parenting without punishments or rewards, I will admit to first having to look up the term, and second thinking that can’t possibly work.  After reading the list on this blog, I… Read More

kids at wedding

Kids at a Wedding – 5 Tips to Keep Them Happy (and Quiet!)

    Whether you are a guest, or the host, having kids at a wedding can be stressful. Finding the balance between keeping the kids happy, and turning the wedding into a Kinderfest can be tricky. We’ve all been… Read More

Review of The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

I interviewed ‘The Yorkshire Shepherdess’, Amanda Owen for Jump! Mag this week. When we started talking about raising children, Amanda had some great thoughts on allowing kids to explore and develop, that I wanted to share here.Amanda loves… Read More

kids scared of fireworks

Kids are Scared of Fireworks? Prepare for Bonfire Night

For many, Bonfire night is eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. Some younger or more noise sensitive children find it overwhelming, loud and downright scary. In the run up to the 5th November, start to prepare your child for… Read More

Raising Girls vs Raising Boys

The comparison between raising girls vs raising boys is one that I have been making these past years. My children have conformed pretty well to the ‘gender stereotyping’ by being sensitive, artistic and the peacemaker (my daughter) vs… Read More

Saver or Spendthrift – And Were You Born That Way?

How do you teach your child to be good with money? Are some people pre-destined to be sensible savers, or is it a learned skill?    When I saw the competition by about SuperKid Savers, it reminded… Read More

Listen. Believe. Love.

In the past weeks it has been almost impossible to open a newspaper or click on a blog link without reading something about Jimmy Savile. I have avoided the topic, not because I have nothing to say but… Read More

Ban TV for Children Under Three Years Old? Not In This House

Ban TV for children under three years old – every couple of years a new ‘study’ is released calling for banning of TV for young children. This one was released by Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman. Mumsnet Bloggers’ Network asked,… Read More

Love Bombing by Oliver James – A Mumsnet Blog Prompt

Love Bombing by Oliver James – does this book present a new concept, reheated advice from other ‘parenting gurus’, or just plain common sense?     As the animated thread on Mumsnet shows, books that tell us parents what… Read More

I Demand An Apology

    I enjoyed David Mitchell’s article in the Guardian about the demanding of apologies and I laughed at the story he told about his parents.   It reminds me of being made to apologise as a child…. Read More

“Are Those Men Married To Each Other, Mum?”

It is something that we have never talked about with the children. Not because we were avoiding it, but because it has never come up and it would have felt forced and strange to have brought it up…. Read More

Sex Ed and Enthusiastic Consent

  I posted yesterday about women who find it difficult to believe that they had been raped, and since then other women have come forward to say that they too have been remembering incidents that they had pushed to… Read More

Stranger Danger - How to Protect Your Child

Protect Your Children – The Danger of Stranger Danger

  This is a post that I have been meaning to write for quite some time. For some readers, this post will be distressing or upsetting – Trigger Warning for discussion of abuse and abusers.  I am reminded… Read More

A Girl Needs A Dog

        A girl needs a dog.  The pictures above were taken by my daughter. Our dog is a patient and beloved photo model.   A friend recently told me the story of her son at… Read More

The Balance of Motherhood

“She is Just A Mum. I imagine she sits around all day in her PJs, drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits” “Oh, she is a working mother. Her children are in nursery all day, the poor things”  … Read More

Guilt Free Breastfeeding Advice

Breast is best! Breastfeeding improves children’s IQ Breastfeeding prevents obesity Formular Feeding mums are lazy Formular Fed infants are more likely to develop illnesses   Is anyone else fed up with this? Occasionally I will come across a… Read More

Family Bingo

Are you already dreading visiting the family for Christmas? I am incredibly lucky. Both my parents and my husbands parents are genuinely lovely people, but even lovely people can get on your nerves sometimes, especially when you are… Read More

GummibearGate – Kids and Swearing

Do you get all <catbum mouth> at people who swear at their children? You are not alone if you do. Who would not look disapproving at someone shouting and swearing at their child? Who would not judge that… Read More

Do You Have a Parenting Philosophy – Your Children are not Your Children

Attachment Parenting, Benign Neglect,  Authoritarian, Helicopter Parent, Tiger Mum – which one describes your parenting method best? Can you put a name to your Parenting Philosophy, explain it in two or three words?   In those first hazy… Read More

Raising Independent Children

Only one in five children can tie a reef knot, according to a survey carried out on behalf of the Scout Association. My first thought on reading this was, “How on earth will they manage to tie a neat… Read More