Top Ten Provence Souvenirs – how many of these items did you buy?

After two weeks in Provence we realised that there are some things that almost every tourist buys. Just as visitors to Germany try the Bier and the Wurst, visitors to Scotland are obliged to have a wee dram and visitors to Switzerland just have to purchase lashings of yummy chocolate. These are our Top Ten Provence Souvenirs.
1. Nougat with candied fruit
2. Wine from Chateauneuf du Pape
3. or Côtes de Provence
4. Soap, mainly the big blocks of Marseilles Soap, but these flowers also caught our eye
5. Homegrown Garlic
6. Lavender
7. Sea Salt
8. A Stripy Straw Bag
9. A tablecloth or item of clothing in Provencal style

10. ceramic cigale – cicadas – which I forgot to photograph but here is the real thing
Who has visited Provence, and how many of the 10 items did you buy?