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“My Mum Reads My Texts”… Checking Kids Phones and eSafety

“My Mum reads my texts”, is the digital age version of “My mum reads my diary”. Did you write a diary when you were younger? If you did, you may remember the fear of your parents reading it,… Read More

NSPCC Be Share Aware Campaign

I was pleased to read that the NSPCC were launching a new campaign to better inform parents of the dangers of Social Media, but was slightly disappointed with the results. The videos ‘I Can See Your Willy’, and… Read More

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Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About Instagram

This is the fourth in the series about Social Media for Kids, today dealing with what parents need to know about Instagram. Catch up on the earlier posts on Online Safety for Kids, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter first. One… Read More

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Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About Twitter

    This is the third of a series about Social Media, taking a look at the advantages and the pitfalls for kids. It is important that we parents know why our kids want to use Social Media,… Read More

Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About YouTube

    This is the second in a series on Social Media for Kids, and what parents need to know about the various online communication platforms. At present the most popular Social Media channel is Facebook, but YouTube… Read More

Social Media for Kids – What Parents Need to Know About Facebook

  This is the first of a more in-depth look at various Social Media channels, first – what parents need to know about facebook.      Remember when you got that first car seat for your baby, and you… Read More

Crazy About One Direction – Teens and Social Media

Twitter was ablaze last night with disparaging comments about a group of young girls, known collectively as ‘Directioners’ – the fans of the group One Direction.  The reason for the discussion was a report about a group of… Read More

The Paris Brown Twitter Scandal – and What Parents Need to Know

What would your reaction be, if your teenage daughter tweeted comments such as these?       I am guessing most of my readers would be horrified, and would have a stern chat with their daughter or son…. Read More

The Social Media Generation

Most schools offer good advice, and have policies in place to tackle cyberbullying, but what about the wider implications of our kids being the first Social Media Generation? They have grown up with Facebook and Twitter, they are… Read More

Protect Your Child Online – Dangers and Joy of the Internet

Protecting our children from danger in their day to day life is always a balancing act. How much freedom is enough for them to grow into independent and confident adults, while still keeping them safe. As much as… Read More