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My Silent Miscarriages – A Guest Post

Sarah, my guest blogger today, talks about the care she received during her missed miscarriages. A missed miscarriage is one where the baby stops growing but the body does not recognise this. Most missed miscarriages are discovered when… Read More

Sarah’s Story

Fourteen bloggers have shared their stories of miscarriage, all of them heartbreaking to read. A common thread is emerging. It is becoming clear what the most important thing for these women is, and it is not immediate access… Read More

Mumsnet Campaign for Better Miscarriage Care

‘How is the new Mummy this morning then?’. The words could not have hurt more. I turned my head away from the breakfast bearing hospital auxiliary. She had obviously not been informed that I was on the labour… Read More

Mumsnet Campaign – Kick Off Thread – Lets Get Blogging

The campaign kicks off on Monday, 10th October and will carry on throughout the week. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the reality of miscarriage, often a taboo topic, brushed under the carpet of life. It… Read More