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    Reach Your Destination with a Mindset Coach

    Rebecca is a Mindset Coach at Artemis Mindset Coaching. You might wonder what on earth that is, and who would see a mindset coach (and what exactly a mindset coach does differently to other coaches). I admit, when I first heard of it, I thought it sounded a bit woo (and I’m totally not woo!). She’s also a friend, so when she asked if I’d agree to be coached by her, as part of her training and certification, I agreed. Not only out of friendship, but also because I was inquisitive. What is this coaching thing, and what would I get out of it?

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    Review of Ziggys Restaurant in St Andrews

    It was my first visit to Ziggys Restaurant in St Andrews, and I was intrigued to see it described as a family owned ‘themed restaurant’, decorated with rock and roll memorabilia. I was guessing it would be a bit like Hard Rock Cafe, but more personal and individual. If possible, I try to support local businesses, rather than national (or international!) chain restaurants.

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    Review – Five Wounds by Katharine Edgar

    My Goodreads Review of Five Wounds, by Katharine Edgar Five Wounds by Katharine Edgar My rating: 4 of 5 stars A gripping tale, that kept me awake into the wee hours, as I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.

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    How to Write a Trip Advisor Review

    I love a good Trip Advisor review. Generally I use them as an aid to finding hotels to avoid.  Any mention of “hilarious holiday reps”, “fab poolside and evening entertainment” or “delicious all you can eat buffet with proper English grub!” tells me that I will hate the hotel, and should keep looking. Here are my top tips on how to write a Trip Advisor review.

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    Review of The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

    I interviewed ‘The Yorkshire Shepherdess’, Amanda Owen for Jump! Mag this week. When we started talking about raising children, Amanda had some great thoughts on allowing kids to explore and develop, that I wanted to share here.Amanda loves the isolation of Ravenseat, the farm in the Yorkshire Dales, but is connected to the rest of the world via a satellite dish that provides the farm with an internet connection. She discovered Twitter and started sharing tales of her life in 140 character chunks, accompanied by stunning photos. Her chatty informal style was a big hit; she has amassed over 7000 followers and recently published a book.The Yorkshire Shepherdess is reminiscent…

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    Make Your Mother’s Day with an Online Flower Delivery – Bloom and Wild

      If you want to order flowers online for Mother’s Day on March 30th, then I have a great tip for you. I discovered Bloom and Wild Online flower service just before Christmas and have been using them since. With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good time to review the company.    I love having flowers in the house, and regularly pick up a bunch of blooms at the supermarket. When I lived in Germany, I would shop at the little flower shop on the corner of our road but here in UK, I find the shops expensive and the flowers never seem to last…

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    Review,  Scotland

    New in Dundee – Quirky Coo Gift Shop

      This past weekend, I was hurrying up Union Street in Dundee on my way into town when I caught a glimpse of snow flakes and glitter in a shop window. Hang on, I thought, I didn’t know there was a shop there. I nipped across the road to take a closer look and discovered the Quirky Coo. Inside the shop, which I realised used to be a golf shop, I was warmly greeted by the owners David and Viv. Their adventure into the retail trade began about a month ago, after many years of working together in the public sector. The Perth-based friends see great potential in Dundee, and the location…

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    Review Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso Alternative

      I recently received an email suggesting I review Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso alternative capsules. I don’t normally do reviews on the blog, but I was interested in this product so agreed to do so. They had discovered my blog post about the Nespresso machine, that I wrote quite some time ago, and asked me to try out their capsules. I was quite tempted to see the if Big Cup Little Cup coffee could take on the giant Nespresso. The Nespresso story is an interesting one. We often drove past the Headquarters and production plant in Switzerland, and while we lived there they seemed to be constantly growing and…

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    Fife,  Review

    Restaurant Review of Forgans St Andrews

      The town of St Andrews is world famous for many reasons – Scotland’s first university was founded here in 1413 and town is of course home to the game of golf. The oldest golf manufacturers, Forgan’s of St Andrews was established here. The former factory site of the club manufacturer, in the heart of St Andrews has undergone a spectacular transformation, with the opening of the restaurant Forgan’s in 2013. This review of Forgans St Andrews was not requested or paid for by the restaurant. A hidden gem, Forgan’s is located behind the popular Mitchell’s Deli on Market Street. The covered passageway is lined with pots of herbs, giving…

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    Review of Kitschnbake Cafe in Newport, Fife

      Just across the river from Dundee, is the sweet little town of Newport, and Cafe Kitschnbake. I’ve long been a fan of Mary-Jane and her incredible Tunnocks Teacake Brownies, so when she invited me along for a sneak peek of her new cafe last night, it would have been terribly rude not to go. Plus, I reckoned that she’d probably make the aforementioned Brownies. The cafe is situated near the little harbour, and through the newly installed bifold doors, the visitor can enjoy an unrivaled view over the silvery Tay to Dundee. Fitting the name of the business, the decor is a little bit kitsch, quite colourful and very welcoming.…

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    Best Twitter Tips For Writers

    For any self-published authors out there – I have blogged on Off The Shelf Book Promotions about publicising your book on Twitter. This post gives basic Twitter tips for writers, to help you hit the ground running when you sign up to Twitter.    Debbie’s book Sell Your Books aims to help self-published authors market their books. It is concise, well-written and chockablock with useful tips, from identifying your target market, planning your strategy to getting media coverage. While it is a must-buy for those who have published their own books, it also contains plenty of tips for those who are working with a publisher. As Debbie says, ‘If you…

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    Nespresso Lattissima Review – Quick Fix to Great Coffee

          If you were to ask my what purchases I have made in the last year were the ones that I was most pleased with, then my Nespresso machine would be in the top five. For this reason, I decided to record a first video blog – A Nespresso Lattissima Review We have had a Nespresso machine for about six years. Our first one was the Krups with Aeroccino. This is a pretty good starter set. With the Nespresso machine, you can make either espresso or lungo. A lungo is the name that Nespresso use for black coffee ie. a cup or mug of coffee. The Aeroccino is…

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    Review,  Scotland

    Secrets of Scotland for Tourists – Review – Aird Hill B&B Badachro

    It is a tricky thing, choosing a B&B. You can look on TripAdvisor.com and ask on Twitter, but when it comes down to it, you are on your own. A highly recommended B&B might have had a change of owner, or the owner may be having a bad day. You may simply not like the place, or find the pillows too hard. Trawling TripAdvisor only takes you so far – you have to weed through the reviews a bit as there are some people who are slightly hard to please such as this reviewer of a Spanish hotel. In Spain: “The staff were friendly enough but the food was very…

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    Review of Book and Recipe Jenny Colgan – Meet Me At The Cupcake Café

    Right. Before you start reading, get eggs and butter out of the fridge and switch your oven on. By the time you finish reading this review you will be ready to bake. The Jenny Colgan book “Meet Me At The Cupcake Café” tells the story of Issy, a hobby baker who works for an Estate agency. Issy is involved with her boss, Graeme – who is the typical Estate Agent (apologies to pleasant Estate Agents, I am sure they are not all filled with ambition and avarice). When the company is forced by the economic downturn to make several employees redundant, Issy is horrified to be one of the unfortunate…

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    Oven Cleaning for Lazy Folk – Oven Pride Review

    This will make my mother fall over in shock. Me reviewing a cleaning product. How ironic.  But I do have to share this one with you, because it is for perfect for lazy housewives like myself. One of my most hated jobs is cleaning the oven – or ovens as we have two. Against the advice of our estate agent, we use both – he said that using just one oven would save on cleaning but I love having two ovens. It makes cooking large meals such as Christmas lunch much easier to coordinate. So when I read on Mumsnet recently about a product that made cleaning the oven a…

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    Golfing in Switzerland – Online shopping – A Review

    We took up golf last year – by which I mean the kids and I took up golf. Husband has been playing for a couple of years. Last year we headed over to Signal de Bougy, a fantastic golf course between Geneva and Lausanne so that he could hit some balls. The kids and I decided to have a go too, and that was us hooked.     Signal de Bougy golf course is run by the supermarket chain Migros. On one side of the road is a golf course, with absolutely stunning views over towards Evian and Montreaux. On the other side is a park – with petting zoo,…

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    How to Buy a Diamond Ring Online

      Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend! Well, no they are not. A girl’s best friend – or friends – are her real friends, her family and those who stick by her and support her whenever she needs them. Sparkles are perhaps not really my best friends, but they are not bad to have around. They lift my spirits and give me a small thrill. In this post, I will share my experience of how to buy a diamond online.  Pic: James Allen Last year, my husband and I decided to splurge on a diamond ring. Not having bought a diamond ring since our engagement many years ago, we had no…

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    Review – Jilly Cooper – Jump! – Contains some spoilers.

    When I read that there was a new Jilly Cooper book due out, I was – excited would be too much, but interested definitely. Despite being disappointed with her last couple of books, I had hoped that this book would see a return to the JC of Rivals and Riders. The first book that I read of the Rutshire series was Rivals which I read when I was about 16 years old. Jilly Cooper wrote books that were different, more adult than the books I had been reading until then. There were racy scenes that made me hide in my bedroom, embarrassed to be seen by my Dad while reading…

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    DFDS Seaways Ferry receives a Daphne Seal of Approval

          Poor Daphne had to stay in the Doggy Hotel of the Ferry to Newcastle. Along with 2 other dogs she was left in a room with various sized dog cages, plenty of fresh water and some food. She refused the food – protest perhaps? We were allowed to visit her but did not go down too often, as I thought that it might be more unsettling for her. When we did visit, she was incredibly happy to see us but did not seem too bothered about going back into her cage afterwards. She is a sleepy mutt anyway, and a bit fed up of the children being home…