Classic Cars, Lake Geneva and Sunshine

A pretty good combination, if you ask me. A couple of weeks ago we went to the Morges British Classic Car Meeting. It is an annual event, attracting over 1500 cars and motorbike and over 20 000 visitors. The town of Morges is situated on the banks of Lake Geneva. The pedestrianised shopping street is not far from the promenade and is particularly inviting on Saturdays because of the Farmers’ Market.
We had a wander amongst the French antiques, soaps and delicacies before heading down to the Lakeside where the cars vied for attention with the lake and the mountains beyond. We had a pretty good spot, opposite the harbour. There were a few stalls offering every kind of spare part imaginable plus motoring memorabilia and books.

The shouts of other visitors alerted us to the amusing sight of a car in the water, it cruised quite close to the shoreline, whether to show off the fabulous car or out of concern about going further into the deep deep lake, we were unsure.


Later we were able to see the car out of the water, when it had dried off a bit.

We did wonder what was in the Mini-Bar – champagne, beer?

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