DD hat ein Wackelzahn…

… endlich!

In Germany the wobbling of the first tooth tends to coincide with the start of school, so it is an important rite of passage. They call the pre-schoolers the “Die Wackelzahnkinder”.

DD has been waiting (im)patiently for aaaaages, as many of her friends in Kindergarten already had lost teeth. Even S. who is a year younger had a Wackelzahn. It was most upsetting.

Recently she began complaining that her mouth was sore and after some investigation we discovered that one tooth is wobbly. She was so pleased.

Since then the questions have ranged from, “can I eat this apple or will it make my Wackelzahn fall out?” to “Will my Wackelzahn fall out when I am sleeping?” then today, “Do you have tissues in the car, Mama? Just in case my Wackelzahn falls out in the car, and it bleeds everywhere“.

The next couple of weeks are going to be fun. How long does it take for a Wackelzahn to fall out?

Hmm, I wonder what the going rate for the tooth fairy is.

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