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It is not often that a multinational company so misjudges their advertising audience as Proctor and Gamble has with their “Sponsors of Mums” campaign.

Maybe it is just me, but their ad makes me want to throw things at the TV. The dog goes into hiding when she hears the advert start as she knows that I will be shouting before long.

If you haven’t seen it, it is part of P&G’s Olympic advertising campaign. Info here


We are informed:

“For 80 years in the UK and more than 170 years around the world, Mums have been our boss at P&G. They’ve driven our product innovation and they’ve led our marketing communications – Mums have been at the heart of everything we do as a company. Our products have been designed through generations to improve mum’s life in small but meaningful ways. Whether it’s household favourites like Ariel or Fairy that help to make everyday tasks a little easier for Mum; or the Pampers nappy that mum trusts for her little one; or the Olay cream or Max Factor mascara she uses everyday to help her look and feel her best; this is our business – and they are our boss.”

It seems that the idea behind the campaign is to thank mums for being 1950s housewives. Or something.



Oh, no. According to the website, the campaign is to thank the mums of the US Olympic athletes for their support.

First, I would like to know why mums are being thanked and not dads? That is pretty insulting to the families of athletes.

Why concentrate on mums? Because we are the ones buying and using your brands?

Well, here is a news flash, P&G. Men clean too. And do the dishes. They feed the dog and wash their children’s clothes. They buy their own shower gel and aftershave.

Just as they support and love their children. It is not just us women doing the parenting work.

I find it sexist and patronizing to reduce women’s role in society to household chores.

Yes, the advances in modern technology and in cleaning products mean that my life is easier than it would have been 50 years ago but doesn’t that apply to men as well? Why single out women?

Perhaps P&G thought that this ad would make our hearts melt, our spirits lift at being appreciated at last. I admit that the first couple of scenes of the sentimental ad did make me smile. Until I got the message.


“Thanks mum, for being a household drudge”.





This ad has just come out. And has made me cross all over again.




  • Pewari Naan

    “Oh, no. According to the website, the campaign is to thank the mums of the US Olympic athletes for their support.

    First, I would like to know why mums are being thanked and not dads? That is pretty insulting to the families of athletes.”

    That also implies to me that all the athletes are male. There are no female athletes and definitely no female athletes who are also mothers.

    Ugh. Because the only way you can succeed in life is if someone sacrifices theirs and stays in the background, their only role in life is to support you.

  • Partyspanner

    I HATE this advert with a fiery passion. Almost as much as those ones for Boots where the two women are chatting in the street, while STREAMING with colds; because, y’know, women have to keep on going, even when they’re sick.


  • MsGenealogist

    Totally spot on. It is SO annoying. Massively depressing that a huge rich corporation in 2011 still believes the best way to market their stuff to us is to suggest that women should be proud to martyr themselves to the cause of domestic perfection, and everyone else should patronisingly congratulate them if they do so.

    I always wonder what the women who work in executive roles at these places make of all this. I mean there must surely be some very senior women there, P&G are enoooormous, right?

    Agree about the Boots ad too. And there is also that Lemsip ad (maybe not on any more but was on last winter or two) where the office worker bloke with flu conquers his symptoms with the help of Lemsip; but as a bloke, what HE has to do despite being sick is go to the office and be all controlling and powerful. Not wash the fecking socks and trail around the streets as dripping-nosed drudge on menial errands.

  • Muddling Along

    Is ridiculously annoying – I have a proper job and being a mum is just part of me and my life, not the whole thing I am

    And they don’t make the red lipstick that is like the polyfilla in my life

    • Anonymous

      Good point.

      I went past the Fairy liquid and chose a different brand when shopping last week, with a “HA! Take that!” (inwardly whispered, would not like to scare the other shoppers)

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