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    Review – Five Wounds by Katharine Edgar

    My Goodreads Review of Five Wounds, by Katharine Edgar Five Wounds by Katharine Edgar My rating: 4 of 5 stars A gripping tale, that kept me awake into the wee hours, as I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.

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    Review of The Yorkshire Shepherdess by Amanda Owen

    I interviewed ‘The Yorkshire Shepherdess’, Amanda Owen for Jump! Mag this week. When we started talking about raising children, Amanda had some great thoughts on allowing kids to explore and develop, that I wanted to share here.Amanda loves the isolation of Ravenseat, the farm in the Yorkshire Dales, but is connected to the rest of the world via a satellite dish that provides the farm with an internet connection. She discovered Twitter and started sharing tales of her life in 140 character chunks, accompanied by stunning photos. Her chatty informal style was a big hit; she has amassed over 7000 followers and recently published a book.The Yorkshire Shepherdess is reminiscent…

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    Best Twitter Tips For Writers

    For any self-published authors out there – I have blogged on Off The Shelf Book Promotions about publicising your book on Twitter. This post gives basic Twitter tips for writers, to help you hit the ground running when you sign up to Twitter.    Debbie’s book Sell Your Books aims to help self-published authors market their books. It is concise, well-written and chockablock with useful tips, from identifying your target market, planning your strategy to getting media coverage. While it is a must-buy for those who have published their own books, it also contains plenty of tips for those who are working with a publisher. As Debbie says, ‘If you…

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    Raising Girls vs Raising Boys

    The comparison between raising girls vs raising boys is one that I have been making these past years. My children have conformed pretty well to the ‘gender stereotyping’ by being sensitive, artistic and the peacemaker (my daughter) vs rowdy, maths and science fan and dominant (my son).  A friend recommended the book by Steve Biddulph, “Raising Boys” a few years ago. I glanced through it, but really didn’t get on well with it. I can’t remember much about it, or why I put it down, but was interested to hear that Steve has followed up with a book about girls, called (predictively) Raising Girls.   On Radio 2 this morning,…

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    Review of Book and Recipe Jenny Colgan – Meet Me At The Cupcake Café

    Right. Before you start reading, get eggs and butter out of the fridge and switch your oven on. By the time you finish reading this review you will be ready to bake. The Jenny Colgan book “Meet Me At The Cupcake Café” tells the story of Issy, a hobby baker who works for an Estate agency. Issy is involved with her boss, Graeme – who is the typical Estate Agent (apologies to pleasant Estate Agents, I am sure they are not all filled with ambition and avarice). When the company is forced by the economic downturn to make several employees redundant, Issy is horrified to be one of the unfortunate…

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    Review – Jilly Cooper – Jump! – Contains some spoilers.

    When I read that there was a new Jilly Cooper book due out, I was – excited would be too much, but interested definitely. Despite being disappointed with her last couple of books, I had hoped that this book would see a return to the JC of Rivals and Riders. The first book that I read of the Rutshire series was Rivals which I read when I was about 16 years old. Jilly Cooper wrote books that were different, more adult than the books I had been reading until then. There were racy scenes that made me hide in my bedroom, embarrassed to be seen by my Dad while reading…