As I have posted, DD was soooo excited to finally be a Wackelzahnkind. She spent ages wobbling it back and forth, hoping it would fall out.

We went out for a meal with Oma and Opa when the visited and when DD bit on a bit of pizza she said that her tooth was really sore. She stuck to the spaghetti bolognese after that, but was very happy to note that her mouth was bleeding.

On our way home in the car, DD gave a shout, “MEIN WACKELZAHN IST DRAUSSEN!” and proudly showed off her tooth and the resulting gap.

She was even more excited to realise a day or two later that she had another Wackelzahn, so now that one is being wobbled.

Last week DS said that his mouth was sore and further investigation showed that he too has a Wackelzahn.

I can see the toothfairy is going to be busy in Switzerland in the coming months.

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