Are you a Pot Saver or a Pot Slattern?

If you had asked me this earlier today, I would have had no idea what you were talking about. Now, thanks to the wonder of Mumsnet I know what a Pot Saver is, and that I am one.

According to a Mumsnet poster Pot Saver “… is a pejorative word meaning that when I’m cooking, or planning cooking, I’m always keeping one eye on what’s going to minimise washing up”.


Oh, my God. I wish I were a Pot Saver like MmeLindor


That is me! Whether it is One Pot Spaghetti Carbonara, Easy Chicken And Ham Pie, Salmon en Croûte, Pizza or Quick and Easy Salmon Coulibiac, my favourite recipes use just one pot. Or no pot at all.

We have a lot of BBQs in the summer, so I can bung a salad together and not bother washing pots. Or a quick and easy tomato and pasta salad – I must blog that recipe next time I make it because it is delicious. And easy. A One Pot Pasta Salad.

Sometimes I make more complicated meals, but generally I like an easy life. Even when we have visitors, I like to keep it simple, which means that we can sit and chat together rather than me being stuck in the kitchen while the guests chat to my husband.

My brother is a chef, and a terrible Pot Slattern. He is used to having Pot Washers, I guess, and uses every pot and dish in the kitchen when he cooks, generally the largest sizes as he is used to cooking for large numbers of people. Although I do have to say, he may be a Pot Slattern but he does work incredibly tidily, clearing up as he goes along.

So are you a Pot Saver or a Pot Slattern ?



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