Banana Cupcakes with Caramel Fleur de Sel

When I renamed the blog, I decided that I would make Salted Caramels and perhaps use the photos for the blog logo. Easier said than done, I discovered. When I searched for a recipe, I found that almost all of them called for what the Americans call “heavy cream”. This is a cream with a fat content of 36 to 38%, in between single cream and double cream. The closest I can find in Switzerland is Vollrahm, in French Crème Entière, with 35%.

For making caramels, it is incredibly important to have a candy thermometer, which I did not have. I bought what I thought was a candy thermometer but it was a jam thermometer and did not go up to the required 120°C.

So my caramels were not exactly a success. They taste great but were very difficult to cut and have been lurking in the fridge since I made them. Caramels are of course extremely sweet, and I can only eat one at a time so they may last for some time.

I will try again when I find a candy thermometer, perhaps using a different recipe. Once I have found the perfect recipe, I will of course share it with you.



For now, here is the recipe of the Banana Cupcakes I made today, using some of the caramels.

[recipe 1585]



















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