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    Simple Steps to Start a Blog

    You want to start a blog, but are not sure quite where to begin. It may look a bit complicated, but is is actually quite simple. This blog post aims to give you the basics on starting a blog – from choosing which platform to use, to deciding on a name, getting started and publishing your first post.       1. Blogging Platform This means a website such as WordPress or Blogger – basically they give you the foundation on which to build your blog. These are the two main blog hosting websites, and the ones that I have experience with so I will stick to explaining them. They…

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    Baking Disasters – Life Disasters

    A comment on Twitter today (you know who you are) about Mummybloggers and I suppose bloggers in general made me stop and think. Mummybloggers are “tweeeeeee” and full of “oh, I cooked this cake today crap”. I guess she is right. We do present ourselves in a good light. Just as we sort though the holiday snaps, discarding the pics in which we look like Moby Dick, we discard projects that don’t turn out very well. Most of us bloggers have baked, cooked or made things that have been utterly shit. Or have spent a day telling readers how to be a great parent, only to run out of energy…