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Discover New Blogs

Do you like to discover new blogs?  If you do, then you are in for a treat. I did this a while ago and it was a great success and we found loads of great new blogs.   … Read More

Would You Rather Read a Blog Than a Women’s Mag?

Do you shun women’s magazines, preferring to read a blog? If you do, you are not the only one. Many are finding less and less to read in women’s mags and turning to the humble blog instead.  … Read More

Would You Pay A Blogger?

Here is something I stumbled over this week, thanks to Vix at VegemiteVix. Flattr is a play on words of “flatter” and “flat rate” and is a platform for blogger, photographers, writers, artist, musicians and basically anyone who… Read More

Blagging – Would a Blog Review Persuade You to Buy?

Well, it has been a busy couple of days on the blogosphere. Kicked off by this post  by Sian at Mummy Tips, swiftly followed by Mummy From The Heart, asking if she is a blagger and the journalist’s view… Read More

Four Finds – A Blog Flog

The New Bloggers Blog Flog was a great success last week, with over 40 entries. A few bloggers asked if I would do another one for established bloggers to join in, and this is what I have come… Read More

The 7 Link Project

When I look back at my old posts, I am sometimes struck by the thought, “Did I really write that?”. Not that I don’t stand by what I have written in the past, but I can see the… Read More

start a blog

Simple Steps to Start a Blog

You want to start a blog, but are not sure quite where to begin. It may look a bit complicated, but is is actually quite simple. This blog post aims to give you the basics on starting a… Read More

Baking Disasters – Life Disasters

A comment on Twitter today (you know who you are) about Mummybloggers and I suppose bloggers in general made me stop and think. Mummybloggers are “tweeeeeee” and full of “oh, I cooked this cake today crap”. I guess… Read More

MummyBlogger, Mumpreneurs, CyberMummy

I was reading the article in the Independent about Cybermummy and it brought back to me how much I dislike the clumping together women bloggers who happen to have children in a “Mummy” package. I blogged about my… Read More

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