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Genes are funny things

Looking at these two dogs, would you even consider that they are related, let alone sister and brother from the same litter? They are indeed siblings, Daphne and her biiig brother Obelix. Nomen est omen and all that…. Read More

Maltese Terriers – vicious with ex-presidents

Who knew? Little Daphne could turn into a dangerous dog. Ex-President Chirac’s Maltese Sumo took the move from the Elysee Palace to an appartment in Paris hard and severe depression turned him from “an innocent white fluff-ball into… Read More

Daphne gets on her bike

Or rather on mine. She was a bit wary but seemed to enjoy it. (Please take note of the Glo-bag on the back of the bike)

Puppy Makeover

Daphne went to the “Toilletage” for the first time this week and was transformed. She went in looking rather bedraggled and came out looking so cute. It took 2 hours and cost more than my hairdresser.   Maybe… Read More

Guess who has been digging in the garden…

One very mucky pup.

Daphne and her brother

Daphne was the smallest of the litter, and Obelix the biggest. They met today for the first time since leaving their mum and had a great time. She is less than half the size of Obelix but gave… Read More

Introducing Daphne

This is the newest member of our family. Daphne Sparkle. She is a Maltese Terrier x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, born on 24th September and is absolutely darling. This photo was taken on Christmas Eve in the mountains… Read More