Genes are funny things

Looking at these two dogs, would you even consider that they are related, let alone sister and brother from the same litter? They are indeed siblings, Daphne and her biiig brother Obelix. Nomen est omen and all that. Daphne is a lightweight at just under 3kgs, Obelix weighs over 11kgs. 
Mum was a Maltese Terrier, Dad a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Daphne’s face is more like a Cavalier but her stature is definitely Maltese. 
They two of them love rough and tumble play, and race to greet each other when I meet Obelix and his mum after the school run.
Today the siblings were joined by a pug who played happily with them after they had all had a good sniff of each other.