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The Bombing of Würzburg

In my life I have lived in many cities and villages, but the cities I consider “home” are the twin towns of Dundee and Würzburg. I was born and brought up in Dundee, and have recently returned to… Read More

Rambling in a Biergarten

It occurred to me that lately I have done lots of ranting and campaigning on the blog, and not as much general rambling, reviews, and travel reports. It has become a bit too much Salt and not enough… Read More

Desperately Seeking…

… a new home.   Blog is a bit quiet at the moment as I am busy with move stuff.   Seriously. Was I really excited about this a couple of weeks ago? Had I forgotten how much… Read More

Plätzchen Plätzchen

Further to my Advent Advent post, here is the result of our weekend baking activity. Lots of wonderful Christmas biscuits – called Plätzchen in Germany. The word Plätzchen (according to Wiki) comes from either the diminutive of Platz… Read More

Daily Mail and German Bashing

I know I have promised to stop reading the Daily Mail. I even considered installing the wonderful Kittenblock as recommended by @ivan_jelical  but this time it was my husband’s fault. To keep up with the gossip from his home country,… Read More