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London Family Planning Summit – Global Bloggers Report

At the London Family Planning Summit, I joined a group of bloggers from around the world. They were from activist blogs, charity blogs and blogging fora. Before and after the summit their work was added to by those… Read More

Saving Kenyan Lives

Gordon Okal Owera is a 26 year old teacher from a small village in Kenya. We visited him last week with the woman who saved his life. It is not an exaggeration; Pamela cajoled, bullied and persuaded him… Read More

Pumwani Maternity Hospital, Kenya – People Not Numbers

One million. Can you visualize one million people? The Kenyan population is growing at a rate of 1m people a year, and is in danger of slowing the positive development of the country. The effects of this population… Read More

Kenya – A Country of Contrasts – Wealth, Poverty and Slums of Nairobi

Any visitor to the city of Nairobi will testify to the contrasts to be found within the city. Poverty and wealth are but a few streets apart. Kenya is a city of contrasts, that impressed me. Despite the… Read More

Africa Without Pity – Stereotypes and Slum Tourism

How do you report from Africa without being patronising? It is a topic that has been going through my mind for several days now. Do the people in the slums really feel that Angelina Jolie cares about them,… Read More

Kenya Blog Hop – Kick Off

This is advance information for all bloggers, Join in the Blog Hop on TUES 19th June 2012 Help raise awareness of the  120 million+ women in developing countries who wish to use modern family planning methods, but cannot… Read More

Kenya – An Offer I Could Not Refuse

We were driving from the airport to my husband’s home town in Germany when my iPhone pinged, signalling incoming mail. “What on earth is this”, I asked my husband, “Someone is inviting me to Kenya”. “Some kind of… Read More