London Family Planning Summit – Global Bloggers Report

At the London Family Planning Summit, I joined a group of bloggers from around the world. They were from activist blogs, charity blogs and blogging fora. Before and after the summit their work was added to by those who could not attend, but who observed the Summit from afar.

It is interesting to read the other blogger’s work, and to see what their impressions of the Summit were.


Bloggers who attended the summit:

Maeve Shearlaw was blogging for the White Ribbon Alliance

Zoora Moosa was blogging for the Fword

Owen Barder blogged for the Centre for Global Development

Rachel Silverman and Amanda Glassmann also blogged for the Centre for Global Development

Charlott blogged (in German) for Maedchenmannschaft 

BritMums founder Susanna for BritMumsBlog



Blogger thoughts after the Summit:

Amie Newman blogged for ImpatientOptimist (and other blog posts on Impatient Optimist on Family Planning topic)

Ruth C White blogged about the Summit on Provoking Policy

Marge Berer blogged on The Berer Blog 

The White Ribbon Alliance have a great video with highlights of the Summit.

These bloggers wrote in advance of the summit:


HidingUnderTheBed talks of the situation for women in Mexico

Lesley wrote of her experiences in South Africa

On PintSizedRants  Ptit thinks about how her life would have been very different without family planning

SGM writes about access to contraception being a basic human right

Dorkymum met some of the Youth Activists and was inspired by them

Christine Mosler blogged for Thinly Spread 

Jen blogged for MumInTheMadHouse 

Munch blogged about access to contraception


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