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From my Writers’ Workshop
Damn. I have left it too late. I should have started earlier. Now I have to pick the kids up from school in an hour.
An hour is long enough to write a short story on the topic, Rambling Minds. No bother.
Hmm. Rambling Minds. I could write about the Ramblers, the walking group that my parents belong to. First, I will check how many members they have, they are a UK nationwide group so it must be a lot.
Wow. 123,000 members. That is a lot. I can ask Mum about her group.
Email: mmelindtsmum@pretendemail.com
Hi Mum,
Am writing a bit about the ramblers, can you tell me how many members your group has and how often you meet. Thanks, speak later, bye
Ok, so what else can I say about the Ramblers, and what about the minds part of the task?
New mail. Oh, it is from Facebook. What is that? Cousin Susanne had her baby. Fantastic. Will just have a quick peek at the photos. I really need to get this finished before 4pm. Ohhhh, what a gorgeous wee boy. I will send her a quick message.
Hi Susanne,
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful boy. Welcome to the world, little Steven. See you soon,
Since I am here, I will flick through the news from home. Cousin Sarah is pregnant, Auntie Margaret is in Portugal, Cousin Sandra has posted a video from Youtube. …
Hahahaha, that was funny.
Right. Back to work. Shit. Only another 15 minutes before I have to leave.
Ramblers. 123,000 members worldwide. Rambling all over the country. Minds. What about minds.
Another email. Sarah would like to share photos with you. She looks really happy. 
There are 123,000 Ramblers… no. The British Ramblers Association … with or without an apostrophe? Hmm, none on the website, but surely it should be Ramblers’ Association. I will check on the grammar website. The association of many ramblers so it should have an apostrophe, but I guess if they don’t use one, then I shouldn’t put one in when I write about them.
The British Ramblers Association has over 123,000 members…
Shit. Now I am late for picking up the kids. And I have not finished the article. Next time I am going to switch the wifi off. My mind kept wandering.

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