• start a blog

    Simple Steps to Start a Blog

    You want to start a blog, but are not sure quite where to begin. It may look a bit complicated, but is is actually quite simple. This blog post aims to give you the basics on starting a blog – from choosing which platform to use, to deciding on a name, getting started and publishing your first post.       1. Blogging Platform This means a website such as WordPress or Blogger – basically they give you the foundation on which to build your blog. These are the two main blog hosting websites, and the ones that I have experience with so I will stick to explaining them. They…

  • Parenting

    Do the children of writers have a right to privacy?

    This morning on Twitter, the writer Jenny Colgan linked to this story in the Daily Mail. Supposedly an article on how even young girls suffer from self-doubt and trying to live up to an unreachable beauty ideal, the author tells of finding her six year old daughter’s diary and reading it. She finds to her horror that the diary is full of self-critical observations. She admits that it is wrong to read her daughter’s diary, completely missing the much larger betrayal of writing about her daughter’s intimate feelings and fears, then publishing it in a nationwide newspaper. Great way to boost your daughter’s self-esteem – write it up for all…