Social Benefits of The Internet – LondonCyber Conference

Do you remember the years before the internet? When we had to look up telephone books and encyclopaedias for information. When we used maps – real proper paper maps – to find the way to

10 Tips How to Love Expat Life

love expat life

      With almost 20 years of expat life behind me, I thought it might be helpful for anyone considering a life-changing move to read about the things that have helped me love expat

The Joys of Expat Life

Ok, forgive me my self-indulgent and whiny post yesterday. The sun is shining in Geneva once more, my friend is on her way to a new adventure, who knows what the next year will bring

Saying goodbye, au revoir, auf wiedersehen…

No matter in which language you do this, it is a bitch. And if you are living the expat life, then it is something that you have to do occasionally. I have had acquaintances come and

Cultural Faux Pas – Buffet Canadien and Himbeergeist

faux pas

    … or as a good friend of ours once said, “I made a right pas faux”. Sometimes life as an expat is not so rosy. Sometimes we make mistakes and look really quite

Parlez vous Français?

Un peu… …is generally my answer to that question. I should speak more than just a little, and if I am honest I do. But it frustrates me that over two years after arriving in

Life as a Feminist Trailing Spouse

The term “Trailing Spouse” may not be one that you are familiar with, unless you are a fellow expat wife. It is used to refer to the partners of those who move abroad for work.

Schools in Geneva

One of the most important issues when expats move to a new country is schooling. You can out up with a less than stunning kitchen (and you often have to here) or a slightly boring

Happy Mothers Day – An Expat’s View

It is, I think, the 20th Mothers Day that I have spent apart from my mother. Although she may well post a comment saying, “What about that time XX years ago when you happened to

You just can’t get orange cheese…

This was a comment that made us laugh. An American friend was chatting to one of his countrymen, and this was a complaint about living in Geneva. Cheese capital of the world Switzerland does not