Happy Mothers Day – An Expat’s View

It is, I think, the 20th Mothers Day that I have spent apart from my mother. Although she may well post a comment saying, “What about that time XX years ago when you happened to be in Scotland?”, and if she does, then I stand corrected.

Life as an expat is great but there are times that we miss out.

We expats miss celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, christenings and anniversaries but also on the chance to say goodbye when a loved one far away departs from this life.

The friends and family are far from us, but only in actual kilometers. Not from our thoughts.

So today, I am thinking of my Mum. She is not home as she is participating in a line dancing weekend – which tells you a bit about my mother.

She is fit, fun always – always – on the go. No wallflower, my mum. The first on the dance floor and the last off, she lives life to the full. She is always ready for a blether, except when her busy social life does not allow it.

But she would drop everything to run and help a friend in need.

Happy Mothers Day, Mum. We shall go out for a boozy lunch in May when you come to visit.

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  • Anonymous

    Not too boozy lunch in geneva with the size of the wine glasses. I remember one german mothers day when the kids bought you lovely smelling soap.

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